Watch Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Prostitution Video

Watch Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Prostitution Video

Anas Aremeyaw Prostitution

Anas Aremeyaw Investigates Prostitution in Odawna

Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his investigators carried their hidden cameras to  Odawna in Accra to uncover the booming prostitution business going on in the area. Other stories in the video include; fake currency business, human parts dealer and illegal land sale at Odawna.


  1. truly, Anass need to be recommended for his hard works, at least his style of investigation has brought some sanity in government set ups. I must say that the government should rather protect and save-guide him against who ever may think of doing something bad to him.

  2. AKOMEAH KWAME says:


  3. Anas has let all Ghanaians be up and doing for fear that they might be investigated.This is really helping Ghana and needs to awarded fervently.

  4. Paacrispoo de authentic says:

    Anas, God will bless you for the good work you are doing. we need people like you to be our leaders but not these Cheats, Greedy and Hypocrates.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. benedict says:

    i dey feel u Anas continue the hardwork.thanks

  7. I would be happy if Anas investigate about the manufaturing companies in ghana espicially the Indians, lebanis who are cheating on workers and allowing them to work more than 12 hours some are not even paid for the extra hrs and are forced to work on saturdays too. also some dont pay their taxes and water and electricity bills . am talking from experienced they are really cheating on us and maltreating us.

  8. Anas,you are so great but I bet you corruption is still high in Ghana,why because people are not being paid well…gi back to the customs at the harbour and airports and you will understand what I am saying

  9. God bless u for wat u are doing. may God reward u..and protect u from ur enemies:but i want u to go into landlords and land ladies.

  10. Ebenezer says:

    Anas shuld investigate Prez Mahama

  11. there is a married woman working a tema harbour clearing agent by name maggie she is a prostitute f**king people husband and young boy

  12. derrick says:

    God bless you for your had work.May God assist you in every investigation you do.God bless you

  13. Anas is sent by GOD to cleanse both the public and private sector of dubious characters.

  14. michaels says:

    Anas good work done.May God richly bless you

  15. Sly George says:

    you are totally a gift from God

  16. Anas GOD will bless u.

  17. maria can u plz link me that woman….whatsapp me on 0247694324

  18. We need times three of you in Gh..God bless you for your hard working..

  19. Anas pls i want u to go to vistaline company they are cheating on the blacks

  20. Too bad

  21. Jamesta welson says:

    Anas thanks for your good jod i want u to keep it up dont give up keep it up.god will bless u for good work ghana.i want to be ur friend on facebook.and i want to be under u please i want be like u.

  22. Jamesta welson says:

    pls take ur tyme him he is under process.every thin is step by step he will do ur request for u

  23. let’s all pray for Anas to live a long life and continuous his perfect work. Anas God bless you.

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  25. Anonymous says:

    Anas may God bless u n u ar still my role modle.i want to be like u.

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  29. Anas is a very good journalist we have never had in this country,but pls,help us on this Victoria Hammah’s issue

  30. Why?? Dnt u have families @ alex

  31. I love u Anas infact keep on with your good works and i think when you enter the political side coruption would reduce drastically

  32. vincent gyan says:

    Great work there keep it up men

  33. wer the f is the video

  34. david robertson says:

    yu have to do sum fin about de way police treat weed smokers in their raiding activities.

  35. rainy reign says:

    may God save our soulz

  36. kasoa today says:

    there are some fully armed men robbing with pop action guns. but when you to report to the police they say you go we will come, come to kasoa your self and waju so so talk and bribe they do there…see you soon at the police…

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  39. may the good Lord bless all those say good thing about Anas my friends can call me on 0247706442

  40. May the Lord bless you Anas

  41. can i work with you??????

  42. i have journalism background i really need job please

  43. Anonymous says:

    good work mr, ana aremeyaw plz we want u to investigave volta river authority(vra).

  44. Anonymous says:

    Aaaa!!! diz is ghana 4 us we are all ashame of ourself

  45. student of nature says:

    yes we do appreciate b

  46. Anass may Allah bless u n help u in all the good things u are doing,Ladys u can call for friendship 00393511457434.

  47. God blesss Anas and his team for their good work but I’ll like know what action is gorvnment taking after this Anas guy risk his life to come out with all the secrits.

  48. Anas u,re a blessing ,keep it up.

  49. Anonymous says:

    who can do any

  50. gifty bedu seyram says:

    anas is a real blessing to we ghanaians.u are forever my role model:-)

  51. May God bless this man for good work

  52. emmanuel agyapong says:

    i want to download videos

  53. David AGYEI says:

    There is this serious prostitution in Ouagadougou the capital of Burkina Faso by some Ghanaians Nigerians Ivorian and others
    Their age ranges from 16 to 30yrs and I could not believed my eyes when I saw them in the dark.
    I want Anas to investigate this serious matter.

  54. am Richie mickman says:

    Annas am really intrrsted in workin wit u…

  55. Agyare Michael says:

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  57. Please anas i want u to investigate into tertiary lecturers been having sex with their students in their offices and passing them

  58. anas allll de way.. kudos!!! N 4 SUGER-MUMMIES, wasup me on 0243805382.


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  61. Anas gr8 job anas for real we dnt fear any thing.

  62. Anas infact we need people like u in diz country congratulations to u n team.But for u your reward is already on earth n in heaven.


    Infact Sir Anas you are good .. May the Almighty God bless you.And as for those judges may God have mercy on THEM.I will like to be like you in future

  64. Daniel Agyei Mensah says:

    I need ur number

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