Nadia Buari: I Like To Be Comfortable In What I Wear

Nadia Buari: I Like To Be Comfortable In Anything I Wear.

Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Renowned actress Nadia Buari is quiet, yet trendy fashion seems to be capturing the imagination and attention of aficionados across the world.

Her striking feature combined with her proportioned body makes her standout. She obviously has her hands full dealing with admirers.

Nadia Buari, who has starred in over 20 movies and still counting, was the special guest at the Eredi Pisano’s Annual Fashion event held in New York, United States (US) together with the tall list of celebrities in the fashion, sports and entertainment industry.

A press release mailed to the Ghana News Agency by the Akwaaba Media said the event was hosted jointly by Ferrari Maserati, Bice Restorante, Morton Brown, Davidoff Cigars, Tourneau and Alaskan Water.

Nadia was joined by New York Giant football players Prince Amakamura, Justin Tryon, Ramses Barden, Keith Rivers, Kevin Brown, Michael Coe and musician B Clay to celebrate the sophistication and classic elegance put on show by Eredi Pisano.

In her interviews with some newspapers, magazines and fashion bloggers on her fashion sense, she declared, “I like to be comfortable in anything I wear.”


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