Judgement Debt Commission: Absence Of Documents Won’t Stall Our Work

Judgement Debt Commission: Absence Of Documents Won’t Stall Our Work  .

Justice Yaw Apau-Judgement debt Commission

Justice Yaw Apau-Sole-Commissioner

The Commission of Inquiry investigating the payment of judgment debts has indicated that the inability of various government agencies to produce documents to assist in its work will not hamper its performance in any way.

Several government agencies who have appeared before the commission failed to submit all relevant documents as per the request of the Commission.

The Solicitor-General, Ms Amma Abrakwa Gaisie, Chief Economics Officer of the Budget Division of the Ministry Of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr Kwadwo Awua-Peasah and Chief Cashier of the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD), Mr Mark William Attipoe have all informed the Commission on various occasions, of their inability to produce all the required documents to assist with investigations.

In an interview with Citi News the Solicitor of the Sole Commissioner, Dometi Kofi Sokpor said despite the seeming setback, the Commission will be ready to work when it reconvenes next year.

The Commission investigating the payment of judgement debts has taken a break and will be resume sitting on January 7.

At its last sitting on Wednesday, the Lands Commission failed to submit relevant documents to the Commission of Inquiry set up to look into judgment debts at its last sitting for the year 2012.

Explaining the situation, the Acting Executive Secretary for the Lands Commission, Wilfred Kwabena Anim Odame indicated that the Lands Commission lacked a computerized system to keep its data hence their failure to produce relevant information for the Commission.

The Sole Commissioner has been mandated by President John Mahama to investigate judgment debt payments from the public kitty.

Most of the public institutions which have however appeared before the Commission, have failed to produce the necessary documents to aid the Commission in its investigations.

The Acting Executive Secretary for the Lands Commission, Wilfred Kwabena Anim Odame pleaded with saying, “we have to humbly plead with you that if you’ve ever been to the Lands Commission, you will appreciate our data base infrastructure. For the past years, we have not been able to digitize or to go electronic. We have operated in a manual environment and data retrieval is a big challenge for us.”

He however revealed that the Commission had been “able to compile two main sources that we have within the Lands Commission at the moment and I am happy to present this to you for your further action.”

The hearing revealed that compensations were sometimes paid at the blind side of the Lands Commission by the various agencies the Commission works for.

Mr. Odame suggested to the Commission to request for the documents from the said agencies

“If it happens that other government agencies have the capacity to pay, the Lands Commission should have recourse of such payments because they are payments made from the Central government budget and they are payments made in respect of acquisition for which the Lands Commission has verified ownership, the Lands Commission has determined the evaluation and for which further inquiries or requirements will be made.”

He called on all Public institutions which had records in respect of compensations, to make those documents available to the Sole Commissioner.

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