Nana Akomea: NPP Has Presented Solid Documentary Evidence

Nana Akomea: NPP Has Presented Solid Documentary Evidence.

Nana Akomea

Nana Akomea

Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akomea, has told XYZ News his party trusts the judiciary to do a good job on its petition before the Supreme Court.

According to him, the party’s decision to challenge the election results at the Supreme Court is rooted in strong evidence of an electoral process that was fraught with fraud.

Nana Akomea says when the Supreme Court finishes scrutinizing the evidences presented to them, Ghanaians will be convinced that the NPP was right in going to court to get the election results overturned in favour of the NPP.

“We have to trust in our judiciary otherwise we have nothing. The men and women of the judiciary are people of honour and integrity,” he said adding “if we cannot trust them then we don’t have anything that is going to hold us as a society.”

He said the NPP is not necessarily expecting the Supreme Court to rule in their favour but they have presented the court with “solid documentary evidence to back each of the claims that we are making.”

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