Appiah Ofori Says NPP MPs “Have No Business” On Vetting C’ttee

Appiah Ofori Says NPP MPs “Have No Business” On Vetting C’ttee.

PC Appiah Ofori

PC Appiah Ofori

Former NPP lawmaker, P.C Appiah Ofori says NPP MPs have no business sitting and participating in Thursday’s vetting of ministerial appointees.

There were earlier concerns as to whether the NPP MPs will sit in the vetting of President Mahama’s ministerial nominees after they boycotted his inauguration.

But XYZ News has learnt they will participate. Six nominees have been slated for vetting this week.

The majority in Parliament says it will question the presence of the minority MPs on the appointment’s committee.

Speaking to XYZ News in an interview, PC Appiah Ofori said the NPP MPs will have no business going to court over the election results if they vet the president’s appointees.

“If you say he is not President and he makes appointments, why do you go and sit in, then it means you have accepted him as President and there is no need going to court.

“If they [NPP] do that then it means they have contradicted themselves.

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