Bernard Mornah: PNC Leadership Collectively Failed

Bernard Mornah: PNC Leadership Collectively Failed.

Bernard Mornah

Bernard Mornah

The General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah has admitted the collective performance and conduct of the party’s leadership is to blame for the party’s poor showing in the just ended general elections.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Friday, Mr. Mornah agreed that the state of the party leadership was not the best ahead of the December polls.

“All of us in leadership have a collective responsibility to the success or the failure of the party; no singling out. It should be complimented by the national executives.”

He questioned the commitment of the national executives to the party ahead of the 2012 elections saying, “on how many platforms do you see our national executives support our flagbearer? On some occasions, they follow the flagbearer and do not even speak. If you will not speak on the platform, it means that you are not endorsing your flagbearer.”

Mr. Mornah continued saying, “if you will not speak on a platform where you have Parliamentary candidates, it means you are not endorsing your parliamentary candidate.”

These occurrences in the lead up to the elections according to Mr. Mornah are what contributed to the failure of the party to win the polls.

He therefore urged the leadership of the party to “own up to our collective failure and then we can begin from that process to see what we can do.”

The PNC’s General Secretary also said that “some of the members of the party also said that because of the pronouncements of the flagbearer, we will not support the Flagbearer, so you jump onto a platform and start trumpeting highlights of another political party’s flagbearer and calling on your members of your party to support that flagbearer. Don’t expect that we will win.”

He insisted that the party has a collective responsibility, “we have done a collective bad job and therefore all of us have to see what we can do.”

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