Illuminati Rumors: Sarkodie’s Brother-In-Law Moses Foh-Amoaning “Defends” Him

Illuminati Rumors: Sarkodie’s Brother-In-Law Moses Foh-Amoaning “Defends” Him.

sarkodie-devil in meThe family of popular Hip-Life rapper, Sarkodie, has denied reports in sections of the media to the effect that artiste is a member of the Freemason society.

Rumours have linked Ghana’s most popular rapper to the Freemasons, which is perceived by some as a secret group.

But Lawyer, Moses Foh-Amoaning, who is brother-in-law to the musician, said on Adom FM’s Dea Mehunu programme on Monday January 28, 2013, that the success of the artiste, is largely due to the backing of his immediate family.

Mr. Foh-Amoaning who is married to Sarkodie’s elder sister Maame Adwoa, described him as a decent and hard working musician.

The Lawyer cum Sports Analyst believes the artiste will achieve more laurels in his music career, if he continues to attach seriousness to his work.

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  1. Samuel Cornerstone For-real says:

    The world love success but hates successfull people. More grease to your elbow Sarkodie but be void of using immoral words in your music career. Shalom!

  2. Am a fn of obd yet the symbols of illuminati is often found in his klips( u go kill me,dangerous),the triangles/pyramids,thunder symbol, SHOWIN OF THE FOREFINGER,ETC OBD IS AN ILLUMINATI

  3. Anonymous says:

    any thing u do peoole will talk about it. get about dem n move on wid ur life by brainy.

  4. i gat ur back

  5. John Brew a.k.a "206" says:

    If u r innocent then 4get about dem nd let dem no dat u r king of Accra n remember me.

  6. says:

    Even, you can watch his face truu his picture…..He has the pyramid sign drawn with the light

  7. boima koroma a.k.a sark jr says:

    sark pls don’t mind dey are saying because this africa wen u sucess they say dat u are in d illuminati.

  8. boima koroma a.k.a sark jr says:

    sarkodie i just like u man your rap style your lyrics and no matter what dey say i will always like u even dey say dat u are baphomet brother.

  9. Shamsudeen says:

    SARKODEI You are all African Raper no any body WALLAHI

  10. Shamsudeen says:

    No mind dem if people se you are member of KILLUMINATI If god se is your time no body can do any…….

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