Peace Council Tells Parties: Leave The Supreme Court Alone

Peace Council Tells Parties: Leave The Supreme Court Alone.

Rev. Emmanuel Asante

Rev. Emmanuel Asante

The National Peace Council has appealed to supporters of the two main parties to refrain from hooliganisms of any sort in relation to the ongoing Supreme Court petition hearing of the election fraud case.

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The Council, at a meeting on Monday to review the general atmosphere in the country after the elections, expressed grave concerns about last week’s incident at the Supreme Court where cane-wielding party supporters clashed with the Police officers as the Court heard the ruling National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) joinder application to the petition.

Chairman Most. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante says not only are the disturbances waning Ghana’s democratic gains but also heightening tension in the country.

Rev. Asante said “recent events relating to violent demonstrations and the massing up of party activists on the precincts of the Supreme Court” has the “potential for undermining national peace and due process of the court dealing with the disputes.”

“The National Peace Council urgently appeals to the parties to the election dispute and their teeming supporters to desist from any verbal or physical confrontations between opposing groups, refrain from any acts of hostilities, harassment or intimidations.”

He said anything less than that would create unnecessary tension that could plunge the nation into turmoil. The NPC however commended the political parties who have managed to restrain their supporters from engaging in violent acts.

Rev. Asante said the objections raised by the two parties in relation to certain judges on the Supreme Court panel must not be a fulcrum for chaos.

A ruling will be made on the joinder application on Tuesday.

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