Rex Omar Resigns From Ghana Music Rights Organization

Rex Omar Resigns From Ghana Music Rights Organization.


Rex Omar

Ace Hi-life musician, Rex Omar has resigned his position as Board Member of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) with immediate effect.

The anti-piracy taskforce made up of police personnel and task force members, also collects royalties on behalf of Ghanaian musicians in and outside the country.

In a letter indicating his decision to quit his post, the popular musician accused management and the Board, of lack of transparency and professionalism in the running of affairs at GHAMRO.

Below is a copy of Rex Omar’s resignation letter sighted by

The Board of Directors
Interim Ghamro Board
28th January 2013

Resignation from the Interim Board as a member

Dear Mr. Chairman and fellow board members,

With a very heavy heart I am writing this letter to you. For many years of struggling to better the music industry of our dear nation Ghana, I always have been with you through thick and thin. l have spent more than 20 years out my 30 year career working, investing and advocating for a positive change with some of you.

I have perhaps had insults, public hatred and have created unnecessary enemies for myself more than any artiste at the peak of his carrier in Ghana. Whilst others were protecting their brands and images making money, I thought of sacrificing mine for the betterment of all.

My dear colleagues, I did all these bearing in mind the negative impact it will have on me and my career, today as I am writing to you, there are so many Ghanaians whose impression of me as person is very negative and completely opposite from my real nature because of my stands regarding our music and copyright industry which I have to live with.

But what I could not believe will ever happen during all these years of our struggle and advocacy after we are given the license to form our own CMO is exactly what’s going on now with our Ghamro.

As I have always emphasized these concerns during board meetings,

1. The direction we are going and our corporate governance principles are not compatible with the best practices around the globe.

2. We are not transparent enough to our members.

3. We as composers and musicians are not supposed to be running this organization for this is not an association but an international financial institution that deals with the royalties of both local and foreign right owners.

4. The composition of our board does not reflect the formation of a normal CMO hence prepare for an immediate transparent election to elect your executives to enable them employ professionals to run Ghamro as it’s done in civilized world having the interest of Ghana as paramount.

5. Ghamro must be run as a hardnosed business entity.

After several meetings of our interim board which I am a member as I’m writing this letter, it has become clear to me that, Ghamro is not looked at as one of the most important arm of our industry that must be run professionally to the benefit of all Ghanaian right owners alive and yet unborn but rather a property of some selected few who mantra has been IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT WE DO GO FORM YOUR OWN.

With the way things are going, I feel very unhappy and it’s against my principles and understanding of how this business is done, hence my resignation.

Thank you and good luck.
Yours Faithfully
Rex Omar Owusu Marfo

By Joy Fm

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