Sammy Awuku Tells Mahama: “Call Your Men To Order”

Sammy Awuku Tells Mahama: “Call Your Men To Order”.

ndc supporters

NDC supporters

The Deputy Director of Communications, of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Samuel Awuku has called on President John Dramani Mahama to call the supporters of the National Democratic Party (NDC) to order.

According to him, some members of the NPP were attacked at the Supreme Court on Tuesday by persons clad in NDC T-shirts.

Sammy Awuku

Sammy Awuku

Speaking on Citi FM’s news analysis program Eyewitness News, Sammy Awuku indicated that “first of all the NPP as a political party decided not to encourage supporters to go there. We clearly believe that this was a case for the legal team to battle it out well with the legal team of the opposing end.”

According to him they were a bit surprised that ordinary Ghanaians, who used the front view of the High Court, were beaten if it was detected they were not wearing NDC colors.

He stated that the attackers were deliberately brought in holding canes.

“A pregnant woman and a teenager had to seek the intervention from the police service to rescue this young lady before she was beaten” he said.

“We have absolutely no doubt that these are works from people within the NDC that is why if you should read our concluding statement, what we are saying is that President Mahama should call his supporters to order and the NDC must also call its supporters to order.”

He also stated people should not be allowed to hide behind the court case while using supporters of the NDC to cause trouble.

Mr. Awuku further stated that “this is why the NPP issued the application at this time because we believe that it is the best time for us to raise this issue and for us to also caution supporters who are hiding behind the ruling party to desist from it.”

“Because we are only beginning the hearing in some few days. If just for a joinder case you could have people with canes and sticks subjecting ordinary Ghanaians and innocent people to some beatings then these acts are very provoking and should not be tolerated,” he added.

He also indicated that “all we are saying for now is that we want to caution the NDC so that they can tell their supporters that we are there to argue things out legally not to slap things out using offensive weapons that is what we want to address.

“We will continuously urge our supporters to remain calm and we will continue to do that for the continuous stability and peaceful coexistence of the Ghanaian “he added.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday adjourned ruling on the NDC’s motion to join the respondents named in the NPP’s election petition.

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