Alfred Woyome Warns Government: Don’t Discontinue Case Against Me

Alfred Woyome Warns Government: Don’t Discontinue Case Against Me.

Alfred Woyome

Alfred Woyome

Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome has asked government prosecutors not to consider the option of failing to discontinue the criminal case against him.

He said he wants the issue in court to be prosecuted to its logical conclusion, maintaining he is innocent.

According Mr. Woyome a discontinuation of the case will be of great disservice to him because that will not bring out the full facts of the case.

“I will not comment further on the substantive issues before the court; no matter how long it takes the prosecution and the government to make sure that they finish this prosecution with their witnesses we will stand patiently and wait that justice is done.”

“One thing I will not want to happen is for government to file nolle prosequi; I will not appreciate it. They should finish the case; a lot of resources of the case have been used in all this case.”

“My crime was going to court and challenging government and winning the case,” he noted.

It is recalled that in about 6 adjournments before the courts state prosecutors have failed to present any witness in the case.

Mr. Woyome is on record to have expressed his frustrations about the happenings whilst other groups have also voiced out against the government in the way it is handling the matter.

Speaking to journalist after a judgment in his favor at the court of appeal Alfred Woyome prayed that the criminal case against him by the state will proceed smoothly.

He maintains that is the only way he will be vindicated.

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