Environmental Protection Agency: Ghanaians Should Have Less Kids

Environmental Protection Agency: Ghanaians Should Have Less Kids.

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Ghanaians should have less children to avoid putting too much pressure on water and other precious resources, according to Togbe Akliku Ahorney II, Volta Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

““My advice and plea to you, young adults, is that you should guard against littering the earth with babies you cannot adequately cater for.

“We cannot find comfort and security on earth if we do not reduce our rate of procreation,” he said at the 6th annual sanitation week celebration of the School of Hygiene in Ho, on the theme, “Our Earth, Our Home, Our Habitat.”

The World Bank report published in 2012 put Ghana’s “crude birth rate” for 2010 at 31.54 births per 1,000 persons.

The CIA World Fact-book as of July 2012 put Ghana’s “crude birth rate” at 26.99 per 1,000 persons.

Togbe Akliku Ahorney said efforts at conserving and protecting the country’s habitats might not yield expected results if its natural resources were exploited faster than they were replenished to cater for the ever-growing population.

He appealed to the youth to make conscious efforts to limit the number of children they have.

He called for focus on more eco-friendly lifestyle with emphasis on sustainability and recycling alternatives to ensure that the earth continued to provide home for all forms of life.

Mr. Edward Kudzi, Principal of the School, said the School trained 2,500 environmental health workers since its establishment in 1975.

Mr. Simon Akormedie, Students Representative Council (SRC) President of the School appealed to government to provide the School with a laboratory, a school bus and additional classroom blocks.


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