Nadia Buari Is A Brand Ambassador Of Indian Pharmaceutical Giant

Nadia Buari Is A Brand Ambassador Of Indian Pharmaceutical Giant.


Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari

Tablet India Limited (TIL), a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and marketer of high quality products globally, has unveiled Miss Nadia Buari, as its brand ambassador in Accra.

This collaboration is aimed to raise more awareness about the products of TIL and help popularize TIL products across the West African region.

Some products of TIL which over the years have become popular household names in the country include Astymin, Astyfer, Bifilac, Neutrosec and Peglec.

Speaking at the event, Mr Kapil Jhaver, Managing Director of TIL, expressed excitement about the partnership saying “TIL wants to connect to its customers using Ms Nadia because of her value and popularity in the entertainment industry”.

“Nadia is a committed, passionate and hardworking actress who is been known around the continent, TIL is born out of commitment and passion to produce quality products for quality healthcare”, he said.

He said the partnership with Nadia would make people understand the importance of good health and also see TIL products as the suitable choice to provide sustainable and long term heath care.

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