Nkansah Lil Wayne: Santo Is Not My Father

Nkansah Lil Wayne: Santo Is Not My Father.

Nkansah Lil Wayne

Nkansah Lil Wayne

Popular Kumasi-based actor Kwadwo Nkansah aka ‘Lil Win’ has said he is not the child of comedian and actor Bob Santo, also known as John Evans Bosompi, of blessed memory.

For some months now, speculations that Lil Win is son of Santo have been heightening. But Lil Win over the weekend took to his fan page on Facebook to explain who his biological parents are.

“Whoever tells you that my dad is Santo, tell the person him or her is a lying {sic}. My dad is called Kojo Nkansah and my mom is called Adwoa Offe… I grew up in a small town helping my parents on their farm. There I developed my love for nature and a desire to explore.

Now I travel around the world photographing nature,” Lil Win disclosed.

The 26-year-old actor has over a hundred thousand fans on his page and some nine thousand plus persons talking about the page at every given time.

Lil win’s popularity keeps soaring and he attributes his success to his fans: “Without my fans and God, I am nothing”. The comedian also uses his fan page to entertain his fans by posting rather amusing posts.

One of the most recent of such intriguing posts read: “Imagine being on top of your woman making love and just when you reach the sweetest moment a mosquito bites your ass, what I wanna know is how will one react, will you scream in pain for your woman to know your are enjoying or will you shout its bitten me for her to ask you what has bitten you? BAM.”

His most recent movie, ‘Electricity Power’, produced by E&E Productions and directed by Jones Agyeman, will be released this month.

The movie stars ten top journalists including presenters and DJs from different media houses in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region.

The lineup of journalists that played leading roles in the movie includes Mmrantee Hene from Otec FM, Nana Ampofo from Fox FM, Nowa King from New Mercury FM, Roman Fada, Dove FM, Eugene Moratt, also from New Mercury FM, DJ Cosby from Light FM and others whose names were not readily available.

They were cast alongside Lil Win, seasoned actor Akrobotu and the Kumasi-based sensation Matilda Asare. “‘Electricity Power’ is a true life story that talks about cheating in marriage, how your wedded wife can be flirting with your best friend and how a marriage can crash when you lose your job.

It was shot in both Ghana and Ivory Coast and actually some of the cast are from Ivory Coast,” Eugene Morrat, the producer, told NEWS-ONE.

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  1. I now know kwadwo nkansah’s father.

  2. appiah ebenezer says:

    i like liwyane movie star and whont to be like him.

  3. desmond sarfo says:

    D.j Lil Wayne u re my mentor and i want to be lyk u OK …keep it up …God bless you .

  4. FRANCISCA. says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    De whole world u ar number one.u are my rolemodel keep it up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    angela boadu

  7. lil wayne you are number one in acting

  8. samuel boadi says:

    lil wayne u are great pls can i get ur number

  9. Sarah nkrumah says:

    Pls don’t mind NDC people ooo becos they just wanna pull u down. These NDC people too….mcheeeeew ,they think Ghana is for them

  10. aziz mohammed says:

    de guy iz fantastic


    Infact my boy i really lve de way u react, even in de process of acting. I lve dis word said by Kwodwo Nkansah Lil Wayne: [nkansah aaaaa wo yarle waatse]. I lve u my boy, bye!!!!!!!

  12. Heku miracle says:

    Liwin, i gv u hand. I wil 2 b lyk u .plz liwin contact me if u can 0249242794

  13. Don simple says:

    Lil wayne forget tonga and do your act

  14. Philip kwaku says:

    Lil wyn u r too much and I do appreciate ur effort towards ur girlfriend

  15. Rockson Incoom says:

    I feel Lil Wayne k3k3 n he is very gud in acting.May de Almighty God bless u abandontly.Keep it up.Plz I wnt ur whatsapp number.

  16. Asiamah Kwaku says:

    You are the best among all actors.u dey bi k3k3.And a friend of my wants ur fone number

  17. Asiamah Kwaku says:

    U bi d bst among all actors.U de bi k3k3

  18. dj liwin is a powaaaar

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