‘Visa Genius’ Arrested For Visa Fraud

‘Visa Genius’ Arrested For Visa Fraud.

Visa Fraud

Operating under multiple aliases and moving freely between the United States and Ghana, Obed Tetteh believed he had the perfect plan to outwit the law while living off his victims’ wish to travel outside at all costs.

Obed’s slippery ways failed him, however, last December as he was about to board a flight for United States with over GH¢300,000 creamed from his victims.

Obed was identified and arrested at the airport even though he was travelling with a passport issued under one of his aliases, Ibrahim Freshpound.

Obed, who also operates under the name of Nii Odai, is slated to appear before the Cocoa Affairs Court ‘6’ today to answer charges relating to alleged defrauding of scores of Ghanaians and an Indian of huge sums of money under the pretext of assisting them to acquire visas to the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

According to two of Ibrahim’s victims, they made contact with Obed after reading on the internet that they could be assisted to travel outside through Sankofa Travel and Tours at North Kaneshie, Accra.

They told The Finder that they met Obed at the travel agency and he asked them to pay an initial deposit of GH¢320.

Later Obed asked his victims to buy air tickets in order to facilitate the processing of their visas, but when the victims disputed the idea of buying the airline tickets before being given visas, Obed went ahead and purchased the tickets with his own money and asked the victims to reimburse him through one Ahmed Coker’s bank account.

He introduced Ahmed Coker to the victims as a brother of Mr Joseph Ade Coker, the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, and the one who would help the victims acquire the visas.

However, Obed went behind his victims to cancel the tickets, claim the money and stamp fake visas in their passports.

Obed Tetteh- fraudster

Obed Tetteh

When the hopeful travellers got to the Kotoka International Airport, however, immigration officers pointed out to them that their visas were fake.

One of the victims managed to call Obed, who had relocated to the USA, on phone, but Obed allegedly told the victim he earned his living by defrauding people.

Obed called the victim a loser and told him the he could take the case anywhere as he would always pay his way out. Obed even emailed his picture to his victim in case he would need it.

According to one of the victims, an Indian man whom Obed had defrauded of GH¢150,000 did some investigations on the fraudsters and retrieved Obed’s photograph from Facebook. Obed subsequently deleted all his photos from Facebook.

Some of the Ghanaian victims also located Ahmed’s residence at Sowutuom, Accra, and caused his arrest.

Obed called from the United States to ask that Ahmed be granted bail as he would come back to Ghana to pay his victims. Ahmed was granted bail but Obed failed to pay reimburse his victims and was in the process of returning to the US after a stint in Ghana when he was arrested.

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  1. kwame danful says:

    this report about ibrahim freshpound raises the image of the police but reporters can follow the case to find out how the prosecuters are shielding him on march 14,2013 !

  2. for you information,he has been arrested again with this same format

  3. kwame danful says:

    Why is it that this Ibrahim Freshpound is so favoured by the CID , the prosecutor, and the judges in charge of this particular case? Is it true that the Ghana National Security is behind him as he claims? How can a lawfully bailed suspect vanish without any one held accountable? Was there no surerity at all? I also blame the US embassy for granting him visa despite his criminal records available at least in Ghana.He has been in this fraudulent enterprise through obeis football club, continued with obeis travel and tour,through mellesta letting, sankofa travel and tour, clean touch world,to made in ghana among other that time and space will not permit me to enumerate. In all these, businesses were legally registered in in operation. He funds armed robbery and arsonists here in Ghana but because he has strong security backing, he walks freely on the soil of ghana while his victims suffer. I have monitored him closely, observed his modus operandi as well as hi accomplices some of whom are member of the current national security council. if you doubt these claims, I can gladly submit their names and positions and their contact numbers for public scrutiny. You can challenge this by posting your comment to which I will readily supply a proof. The president you do something before freshpound invites terrorist to our country Ghana . thanks for your time.

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