Wanlov the Kubolor To Blakk Rasta: Your Intelligence Is Very Low

Wanlov the Kubolor And Blak Rasta Beef: Kubolor Goes Mad Over Defamatory Statement.

Wanlov the Kubolor

Wanlov the Kubolor

Read Wanlov the Kubolor’s ‘special letter’ to Blakk Rasta in which Kubolor accuses Blakk of saying some defamatory statements about him.

Deer Blast Raster

When I first met you through Scooby Selah at Busynet you didn’t speak any fake mpatoa to me…you just greeted me like a fellow Ghanaian and we went about our way…Scooby had asked me to give you my Green Card album which I did. Later when you met me in front of Multimedia in Kokomlele you said you liked my album, but couldn’t play it because it wasn’t Reggae. I had no problem with that because that is your show’s format so I had never expected you to play it anyway as my music wasn’t Reggae. It was just a gift of sound.

With time I started hearing people say you play mostly your own music on your show, but I did not find it odd because you have to be smart in Ghana to make it so I just gave you kudos and kept my ear to the ground. Note that all along the only issue I had with you was the fake patois or mpatoa you speak to us Ghanaians like you have been paid by the Jamaicans to colonise us, but i really didn’t think too much of it till I started noticing the youth were picking up on your inciteful and most times contradicting rhetoric.

I am not a listener of your show, but it is hard to miss or avoid it when I am not in charge of the radio dial when sitting in a trotro and you are making people laugh and talk…even to ask taxi drivers to change the dial in my own dropping is a fight…i can only shut you off if i am in private car…coz i do admit you say some interesting things at times, but also very idiotic things other times…for example you play the confused quote by JJ Rawlings “Christinize me if you may, but don’t westernize me” Christianity in its current form is Western and comes from the West so I find that soundbite contradictory and misleading…Your intelligence is either low or you mean us harm by confusing the masses.

The last time we met and spoke was at Alliance Francaise during the tribute night to the late great Cephas Sackitey…At the time we met and greeted each other, news about the Delay show free show was already spreading, but you did not bring that up…You decided to lie a few days later on air on Adom FM about the events that took place that night saying I came on stage and said “If you didn’t like Cephas then ‘wo maame tw3′” and just walked off stage…Do you not remember what i said or do you not care that mis-quoting me and changing the story will bring negative vibes to me? Is it that you don’t remember and are too lazy to try re-calling accurately or asking or you have such bad memory or you were distracted by something else while i was on stage speaking, but still feel you need to just open your mouth and make up some fantasy? Why would you lie or not bother to recall well before speaking ill of me? If you dont know, or are not sure, please shut up or ask someone else what i said…or better yet ask for a recording of the event so you can playback and listen before defaming someone you call your friend or brother.

You went on further to call me a coke head on twitter because M3NSA and I have been teasing you about the by-force patois you have been rattling on air and in your “songs”…for someone who claims to champion self worth and pan-africanism you need to know that it is an inferiority complex that makes us think other accents are better than ours…why do you speak that way when in reality any true Jamaican that hears you will laugh at your imitation?…Do you think someone outside of Ghana can laugh at Kofi Annan or Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah? Did Marcus Garvey speak in an Ethiopian accent? Why don’t you speak in an Ethiopian accent if it’s Selasie I you are following? Up to the point you called me a coke head and lied about what happened on the night of the late great Cephas Sackitey’s tribute, all we had done was tease you about your fake acting patois accent. You had also teased me back saying I wear fan yogo skirts and so on to which I will give you an “E” for effort. What lie had or have we ever told about you? Why lie about me? Is that the way of Rasta which you profess to uphold?

To date you have not apologised or withdrawn your false statements. Recently on Love FM when we were both interviewed about my Valentine’s Day gay wish comment, you claimed you are not too big to apologise, but in the same breath said you won’t be forced to apologise. You admitted saying the things you said because you were angry and you have no evidence, but still won’t apologise. Then you say my Valentine comment in news one was a gimmick to be more popular. I am going to give you credit here and say I think you have intentionally not apologised because you love the attention you get when I insult you because I have promised to always insult or incite you so you do not forget our unfinished business. You went ahead to give the listeners the impression that when we meet in town we are cool, which is a lie…we have not met since the late great Cephas Sackitey’s tribute and I will never greet or go on to even hug a person who gives false evidence against me.

I wrote deer because you are exactly that; a deer caught in the headlights of it’s own idiotic farce. Blast because you frequently detonate nonsensical debris into the minds of our youth which inflict serious trans-generational damage… Raster because you are not a real Rasta, but rather a color changing fence-hopping spineless chameleon.

On a brighter note I have heard of a band called Rasta Homos…they do good Reggae music so try and get some of their songs to play on your show. Also try and find out what kind of afro comb Selasie I used on his hair.

Do unto others…

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  1. Do u tink u ar intelligent?u ar a disgrace 2manhood.babylony yth

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