Actor Larry Koldsweat: I Want To Be Yoruba

Actor Larry Koldsweat: I Want To Be Yoruba.

Larry Koldsweat

Larry Koldsweat

Veteran Nollywood actor Larry Koldsweat is one of the veterans who have made so much impact in Nollywood.

Today’s Nollywood stars are proud of him because his talent inspires them.

The Igbo born actor, who has become a pastor, has revealed in an interview that if he had the opportunity of coming back to this world again, he would still be an actor and a pastor but he would love to be a Yoruba man by birth and inclination.

“If I have to come back to this world, I will be an actor again, I will be pastor and I will be a Nigerian again but I’ll like to change my tribe, I will like to be a Yoruba man (laughs).

Reasons are, Yoruba people are very receptive; they are the only people that can give you a land irrespective of your tribe.

They have a large heart. This is my 40th year in Yorubaland and God made me what I am today in Yoruba land.

I am a Lagosian take it or leave it. This is where my children can call their home, this is where we met God; this is where I made my dream and it is where I met my wife,” he was quoted.

Yorubas will definitely be proud to have this commendation coming from an Igbo man.

Larry Koldsweat is not only a prolific actor but one who enjoys playing primitive and wicked village roles in movies.

Not many know that the actor is also a musician and pastor of a fellowship in Lagos. He no doubt combines all these parts and still maintains a balance.

Larry played music for 28 years with the likes of Feladey but he didn’t consider taking it up professionally.

This is because playing music professionally in those days was not an easy thing.

He only played music purely for the love of it and not the money. For this reason, he now has ambition to go back to it.

And if he does, he will purely do gospel, reported. Larry became a Christian in 1985.

He eventually became a pastor and now preaches in Nigeria.

His acting career took a leap after one John Ndanusa of the Nigerian Television Authority inspired him to act.

They met and he told him he had the physique to act and then introduced him to feature in NTA soap ‘After The Storm’ with Paul Obazele, Zack Amata, Saheed Balogun, etc.

He played Alhaji Batuka who duped people.

It was there that he met Francis Duru, who one day told him they needed someone to play Zack Orji’s father in ‘Black Powder’.

That was how his entry into Nollywood home video kick-started. So far, it has been wonderful. He now has a lot of movies to his credit.

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