Chris Brown Smokes Weed In Ghana During Stage Performance

Chris Brown Smokes Weed In Ghana During Stage Performance.

Chris Brown ganja

CB grabs ganja

Chris Brown in Ghanaian Print wear

Chris Brown in Ghanaian Print wear (click to enlarge)

R&B Superstar, Chris Brown has definitely left a memorable performance on the minds of music fans in Ghana at the Rlg Hope City Concert. However, the ‘Beautiful People’ singer would rather be remembered as the American singer who came to Ghana to promote marijuana and openly smoked it on stage during the concert.

During his performance, Brown stopped and asked if there were weed smokers in Ghana. “How many of y’all smoke weed,”  he asked. He further advised the audience that “if anybody is tripping on you smoking weed, f**k them”.

Chris Brown went ahead and smoked (the weed) on stage.  Earlier, the singer was spotted smoking at the Kotoka International Airport upon arrival.

[SEE PHOTOS: Chris Brown arrives in Ghana]

The Rlg Hope City Concert was organized by Charterhouse Productions and Brown was paid $1 million to perform. Click here to see photos from the concert.

brown smoking

Breezy smoking weed on stage (Photo credit: talkofgh)


  1. nana kwasi adum attah says:

    this guy is crazy trust me very crazy

  2. angel Luke says:

    This guy is a devil himself how on earth can someone come to one country n promote wee how how.he needddd to be

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  4. hassano lopito says:

    i want to get the picture of chris brown in ghana

  5. Nana Sei says:

    Come on Charter house!!! Don’t insult our intelligence with such hollow excuses and explanation. U can do beta

  6. Sally hawk says:

    Am highly disappointed in CHARTER HOUSE
    how on earth can u defend such a devil.
    he should be arrested.what he did is a crime in GHANA
    we are not in AMERICA

  7. Alfred Asrifi Asare says:

    its soo sad tht such comnment can come out from out a supere star lik him

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  10. Anonymous says:

    u pple shd shut ur stinkin mouth,if u meet the devil himself can u identify him.

  11. kofi asiamah says:

    what the hell is dis, chris himself telling the Audience that he wants to smoke weed which i quote“How many of y’all smoked wee?” and also add “If anybody tripping on ya’ll smoking wee, f**k them.” so are the organizers telling us that its a set up or what. i think dis a story to cover their disgrace but the penalty still awaits them.
    Get this clear point
    1)chris insult the authority of the country
    2) he is above the law of the country which no bloody person can stop him during that time.
    come to realization. lets assume Ghanian security try to stop him and yes they did. what would have happen? will he agree with them or react against them. Think about this “who is Ghana in the hands of U.S.A”

  12. Anonymous says:

    You have to know Ghana is in the handle of U.S.A

  13. nixon de garry says:

    The organisers must bow down their heads In shame but next tyme he will sleep wit a lady on stage.adwaman sika s3ee3!!!

  14. LiveRight says:

    “the singer was spotted smoking at the Kotoka International Airport upon arrival”

    This guy could not wait.

  15. This shd not be a bother cos its passed and gone. Besides most pple in Ghana do it even our own Efya admitted dat she smokes. Please stop judging him cos u guys r not God. Ghana z facing a much bigger problem dat needs to be given dis same attention dat we r giving to Chris. Dose saying dat he is de devil himself pls stop cos God has not judged him den hw much more u mortals. Most importantly u guys r jux talking into thin air cos guess wat he’s not even bothered. Charter house congrats upon such a great show. We hope to see most of dem

  16. stanley mystikal says:

    stop caling this nigger a devil u can judge him only GOD

  17. mad chris says:

    chris no :nonono: :no2: :mad2: :surprised2:
    i’m tryna get high :wtf2:

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  19. BLESSED says:

    Ghana wake up and ask yourselves how did we at all came into being – let reflect on where we are going with our beautiful motherland

  20. Mtchewww says:

    He needs to respect our country at least,we have laws.These westerners think they can just do watever they like cos “oh wat the hell” ITS AFRICA

  21. you too shut up…. that’s why ur name is anonymous… what do you mean?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Infact this guy is stupid and cray

  23. Anonymous says:

    Infact this guy is stupid and cray to smoke in our mother land FRED

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  25. phelix macaulay delima carson culkin says:

    wow what a spectacular permance by the RnB singer nd i luv his words nd i quote:How many of Y’all smooke weed , nd if anybody tripping on u smooking weed f**k em all .hahahahaha i luv his wordz nd hes samting else…

  26. kofi USA says:

    Even here in the states it is a crime.

  27. hahahaha…i love this krat..

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