Group Wants Chris Brown Arrested For Openly Smoking Weed On Stage

Group Wants Chris Brown Arrested For Openly Smoking Weed On Stage.

Chris Brown ganja

Chris Brown grabs ganja on stage (click to enlarge)

A group called The Perfector of Sentiments Foundation is calling for the arrest of hiphop Star Chris Brown for openly smoking and also encouraging the smoking of marijuana in Ghana when he performed at the Accra Sports stadium on Monday March 5. [Click here to watch the video]

Chris Brown, at a point in his concert, lit up what he described as weed and took a puff.

He then encouraged his fans in the audience to disregard any opposition to the smoking of weed and feel free to do so. There’s a video of that part of the concert circulating on social media. Ghana’s laws prohibit the smoking of marijuana.

The group says if criminal activities such as what Chris Brown did on live stage go unpunished, they serve as motivators to others.

chris brown smokes weed

Chris Brown smokes weed on stage

In a statement issued and signed by Executive Director Jonathan Osei-Wusu, the group said: “We wish to draw specific attention to the unfortunate incident of a world renowned musician Chris Brown openly smoking marijuana (weed) an illegal substance while engaged in a performance on such national platform. He is on video to have encouraged the audience to take up arms against people who stand in their way to smoking weed”.

The statement continued: “In as much as we want to refrain from calling up clauses of our constitution, the sovereign law of the land, it is a well known fact that the possession and smoking of marijuana is illegal. In our prisons, many are incarcerated for same. Our values as a nation do not condone such acts”.

It added that: “POS Foundation a civil society organization that empowers the youth and promotes the right of children and the less privilege would like to register our displeasure at developments concerning the celebration of Ghana’s 56th independence anniversary. Our past leaders, Kwame Nkrumah, Atta Mills et al will turn in their graves when their souls recall the events that took place at the Accra sports stadium on the 5th of March 2013 at the RLG sponsored Chris Brown concert”.

“We believe as a nation, that when acts of this kind go unpunished they serve as a drive to sour others on. We all are aware of the stance taken by the police in times gone by for the possession and smoking of marijuana by other people when these matters have come to light. In July of 2012, Ghana’s highest decision making body, parliament outlawed smoking in public places not to think of nothing less but an illegal substance”.

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  1. Chris Brown next time SMOKE for jubilee house not stadium

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