PHOTOS: Chris Brown Arrives In Ghana, Says “Ghana Stinks”

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Arrives In Ghana, Says “Ghana Stinks”

  • Chris Brown landed at the Kotoka International airport on Tuesday afternoon (5th March), ahead of the Rlg Hope City Concert.
  • He arrived just less than six hours before the concert starts, instead of landing a day before per agreement.
  • ¬†Brown was seen smoking at the airport.
  • He refused the limo that was provided to pick him up from the airport.
  • The concert, being organised by Charterhouse will come off at the Accra Sports Stadium.
  • Brown was paid $1 million for the concert.
  • Other local artists who will also be performing at the concert include; Sherifa Gunu, D-Black, R2Bees, Samini and Efya.
  • There are reports that he said “Ghana stinks.”


Chris Brown smoking

Chris Brown smoking after arriving at the airport

Chris brown at kotoka

Chris Brown Arrivesat Kotoka

Chris in gh


Chris Brown In Ghana


awaiting brown

click to enlarge 


Chris Brown arrives in Ghana

Chris Brown arrives in Ghana- click to enlarge

Photo Credit: Ameyaw Debrah


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  3. Anonymous says:

    Kwasia boy ………look at this idiot telling us our country stinks after 1mil paycheck …siaaaaa…. gyimifo)

  4. Truth-Be-Told USA says:

    Am wondering, with all the millions he has made across the globe…has he been of any real good to black people of this planet? He’s made enough to help partially fund an updated, sanitation department for the Accra area. Ghana needs an air-ambulence for each of her regions. Can he help? Talk is cheap!
    Brown are you a man or just another ‘come/go fool’ just living for trinkets?

  5. mac polo/mac emit says:

    what is the problem with ghanaians ………..what is wrong with chris smoking,then go tell people from nima and ashiama to stop smoking……….ah!

  6. cobby94 says:

    all chris thinks about is the money, rlg gave him all this money to come and insult the ghana we all love. Anyway, it is true gh isn’t as nice as u.s.a but i think he shouldn’t have been so open about it.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. LIZ CHICAGO says:

    chris brown de free masonary act in ghana to fool us……………next time no chance for him

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