Prez Mahama Tells Deputies: Be Guides For Your Regional Ministers

Prez Mahama Tells Deputies: Be Guides For Your Regional Ministers.

John Mahama

John Mahama

President John Mahama has ordered the newly sworn-in deputy regional ministers to serve as guides for their bosses.

The Deputies are mostly natives of their regions but the Ministers are not.

The President recently shuffled his regional ministers around moving each one of them from their native region to an alien region.

He said the movement was to foster national unity and fritter off ethnic tension.

At the swearing-in ceremony of nine deputy regional ministers at the flagstaff house on Thursday March 28, 2013, President Mahama charged the Deputy Ministers to serve as advisors to their regional ministers and teach them the ropes to help them navigate unfamiliar territories.

“The regional ministers you are going to work with are not…from the regions in which you are going to serve and so you are going to be, in a way,…their advisors because you understand some of the nuances of the region that they don’t understand because they don’t come from there and so you become their advisors and I expect that you’ll advise them in a very genuine manner…and that together with them you work as a team”.

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