GMA: “Gov’t Can Bring Alien Doctors From Mars”; We Don’t Care

GMA: “Gov’t Can Bring Alien Doctors From Mars”; We Don’t Care.


Striking local Doctors say they care less if the Government of Ghana brings in “alien Doctors from Mars” to supplant the country’s health delivery system.

The Doctors are in their fourth week of strike in demand for payment of their market premium arrears as well as conversion difference allowance.

They also want anomalies in their pension contributions corrected.

In the midst of the protracted strike, three hundred Cuban Doctors are expected in Ghana soon to help with local health delivery.

The Government of Ghana signed an agreement with Cuba to that effect on Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

In exchange, 250 Ghanaian medical students will also be trained in Cuba.

However, the General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Frank Serebuor told XYZ News in an interview on Tuesday that: “…We have legitimate concerns that have to be addressed and if Government chooses not to address them but rather brings in people from Cuba and from Mars and other places, we don’t care”.

“If they feel they want to bring in aliens to come and practise medicine in this country, they can bring somebody from Mars and so forth, that is not our problem at all, we don’t have an issue with that”, he insisted.

Meanwhile, the Government has rejected claims that the 300 Cuban Doctors are being brought in specifically, to call the bluff of striking local Doctors.

Addressing the media after the signing of the agreement, Health Minister Sherry Ayitey said Ghana has had a long standing Doctor-supply relationship with the Cubans.

She said: “The total number of doctors that we have currently is about 2,843, and the population of Ghana is 25 million, and if you work it out, it is almost like one doctor to 10,000 people. And this is not the best if we have to provide quality health care”.

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  1. Kofi Nyarko says:

    I support d doctors somehow because the so call ministers earn more than they do.

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