South 2 North: Redi Tlhabi Discusses What Africa Can Learn From Asia

South 2 North: Redi Tlhabi Discusses What Africa Can Learn From Asia.

Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki

Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki

This Friday on Al Jazeera’s global talk show South 2 North, Redi Tlhabi chats to Yutaka Yoshizawa, Japan’s ambassador to South Africa, and Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki, the former prime minister of Niger, who is currently CEO of The New Partnership for Africa’s Development, also known as NEPAD.

“As the Tokyo International Conference on African Development kicks off, we’ll look at how Africa can best benefit from its current economic boom,” says Redi. “In just ten years Africa has become one of the most dynamic regions in the world. A combination of natural and human resources has fuelled huge investments from both traditional and emerging powers. But can we turn this current boom into a repeat of Asia’s economic miracle?”

What role has NEPAD played in driving Africa’s growth? Why is NEPAD’s strategy for ongoing growth focused on national partnerships, development finance, and ownership? Is the era of aid dead? What can the lions of Africa can learn from Asia’s tiger economies?  What role did education play in driving Asia’s economic boom and how is this being repeated (or not) in Africa? Who actually benefits from economic booms and can the wealth distribution be managed?

Watch Redi ask the important questions on this week’s episode of South 2 North, which premieres at 19:30 GMT on Friday, 31 May 2013 and also screens Saturday at 14h30, Sunday 04h30 and Monday 08h30.

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