China To Help Ghana Flush Out Chinese Galamseyers

China To Help Ghana Flush Out Chinese Galamseyers.

Chinese Galamsey

Chinese Galamseyers

A high-level delegation from the Republic of China has come to Ghana toward helping to address the influx of Chinese illegal miners in Ghana.

The group told Journalists at a press conference that the Chinese Government is not happy with the festering illegal mining activities in Ghana which involves Chinese.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Hong Jian Hong, who was part of the press conference, said the current situation is destroying the healthy bilateral relationship existing between the two countries.

He said the Chinese government is opposed to the illegal mining activities of its nationals in Ghana and called on all Chinese expatriates in Ghana to develop a healthy working relationship with their Ghanaian hosts.

The Ambassador, who noted that most of Chinese come to Ghana through unapproved routes also pledged his country’s support to Ghana toward flushing out the illegal Chinese miners.

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