Chinese Delegation Arrives To Discuss Repatriation of Chinese Illegal Miners

Chinese Delegation Arrives To Discuss Repatriation of Chinese Illegal Miners


Some of the Chinese illegal miners

A Chinese delegation is in the country to discuss the modalities for repatriating Chinese arrested for illegally engaging in small-scale mining.

The delegation is scheduled to hold meetings with the ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior and Immigration officials on the procedures and timelines for the repatriation exercise.

The arrival of the Chinese delegation followed the arrest of some Chinese for illegally mining in the country.

Besides, some of the illegal Chinese miners have asked to be sent back to their country.

Briefing journalists at the Flagstaff House in Accra yesterday, a Deputy Minister of Information and Media Relations, Mr Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed, said the Chinese would be screened before they were repatriated.

Meanwhile, he reiterated that Ghana was not targeting Chinese in the ongoing clamp down on illegal miners.

He explained that the exercise was to stop everybody engaged in the illegal activity and recalled that in a recent arrest six Russians and others from the Americas, South Africa and Nigeria were arrested.

He said the demonstration by some Chinese in China in protest against the arrest of their relatives in Ghana could be the result of a media hype that only Chinese were targeted in the clamp down exercise.

He, therefore, urged the media to be careful in their reportage in order not to create the impression that the government was targeting Chinese.

On the allegation by Hansol Mining, a small-scale mining company, that the task force had assaulted some of its workers and destroyed its machines, the deputy minister said it was not true.

Mr Muhammed said checks at the Minerals Commission indicated that Hansol Mining was not a registered mining company and that it only registered to provide support services for mining companies.

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