Martin Amidu Wins Again: Isofoton To Refund $325,497 to Ghana

Martin Amidu Wins Again: Isofoton To Refund $325,497 to Ghana.

Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu

The Supreme Court has ordered Spanish company Isofoton SA to return to the Government of Ghana an amount of GH¢325,497 it received as judgment debt.

The Supreme Court delivered the ruling on Friday after the case was brought against the Spanish company, by former Attorney General Martin Amidu.

The former AG who recently won a similar case against Waterville Holdings, sought nine declarations including the illegal payment of $1.3million as judgment debt to the company.

In his statement of claim, Mr Amidu said it was wrong for the company to be making claims in respect of any payment because there is no operative contract between the Government of Ghana and the Spanish company.

The Supreme Court, in March this year, ordered government to stop any further payment to the company until the final determination of the case.

The court has however ruled that the company received the money illegally and do not have any basis to keep the money and must return it to the Government of Ghana.

The Supreme Court has also ruled that all lawyers that represent lawyers of companies that are duly registered in the country must be referred to the Legal Council for the necessary action.

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