Murtala Mohammed: Gov’t Will Retrieve All Judgment Debts Illegally Paid

Murtala Mohammed: Gov’t Will Retrieve All Judgment Debts Illegally Paid.

Alfred Woyome

Alfred Woyome

Government has stated that it is determined to retrieve all monies unduly paid as judgment debt.

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered Waterville Holdings to refund the 47million Euros paid to them by the state as judgment debt.

Former Attorney General, Martin Amidu filed a suit at the Supreme Court against Waterville Holding, Austro Invest and businessman, Alfred Woyome asking the order them to refund all monies paid them as judgment debt by the government.

Addressing the press during the daily media briefing at the Flagstaff House on Monday, a deputy Information and Media Relations Minister, Murtala Mohammed stated that the government will respect the rule of law.

“Government is determined to respect the rule of law and government is determined to retrieve any money that is wrongly paid and the ruling of this court to any individual or a group of persons and indeed, the government is currently in court to retrieve such monies.”

He noted that the government is waiting to be legally advised by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice on the ruling of the court “and until such advice is given and the steps they are taking, I can’t stand here and tell you that yes, they have started and this is what they have done. But yes, they will be informed.”

He was hopeful that court “would have informed them [AG] about the ruling officially and the appropriate steps to be taken to retrieve those monies.”

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