China Lays Strict Visa Requirements For Ghanaians After Mass Repatriation

China Lays Strict Visa Requirements For Ghanaians After Mass Repatriation.

Hannah Tetteh

Hannah Tetteh – Minister for Foreign Affairs

International Relations expert, Dr Yaw Gerber, has stated that even though it was easy to link China’s decision to revise its visa requirements to the recent repatriation of the over 3000 illegal Chinese miners from the country, Ghanaians should be circumspect about how they interpret the issue .

“It is very easy to link the two episodes without necessarily doing any fundamental analysis of what is going on and I would suggest that we are a bit cautious in whatever we put across as fact… there is the need to do a thorough analysis on this,” he stated.

Citi News has gathered that the Chinese government is revising its visa requirements to make it more stringent for Ghanaian applicants.

According to sources at the Chinese embassy in Ghana, even Ministers of State now need approval from the Chinese government and will also go through other rigorous processes before they are issued visas.

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Speaking on Citi Eyewitness News, Dr Gerber stated that he saw it as a diplomatic issue and urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to speak to China about the situation if it was true.

“I think this is a diplomatic issue and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the prerogative to intervene directly… this should be an issue between the ministry and the Chinese foreign ministry; that this is what is happening in the sense that over some time, with regards to applications to the Chinese embassy for visas, they were not happy about the problems they were encountering,” he stated.

Adding that if the Chinese embassy was intentionally making it stringent for Ghanaians to enter their country, then that was very unfortunate.

“If it is intentional that out of ten applications, only one or two are granted visas then there is something fishy but that doesn’t solve the problem.

If your citizens find themselves in another country and are misbehaving and engaging in illegal activities and thus are deported and you decide not to give visas to legitimate citizens of the other counterpart country, then it is unfortunate,” he noted.


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