PHOTOS: Sakawa Boy (Internet Scammer) Shows Off His Money

PHOTOS: Sakawa Boy (Internet Scammer) Shows Off His Money

  • Internet fraud locally known as ‘Sakawa’ is a practice which involves a combination of all kinds of online fraud tactics such as ‘419 scam’  to steal money from unsuspecting victims.
  • It normally goes with African traditional ritual or ‘Juju’ to ‘fool’ the minds of their victims through incantation. It doesn’t really involve hacking.
  • The practice which was originally from Nigeria (419 scams) is now popular in Ghana under the name sakawa.
  • A young man from Ghana who goes by the name ‘Odi Dollars’ (He Spends Dollars) who has been in this business for a long time recently posted photos of his wealth accumulated from the lucrative business on his Facebook page. See the photos below;

sakawa boy


scam money

Odi Dollars

419 man

scam dollars

419 sacm rituals 2 419 rituals

419 Odi Dollars boy 2

Odi Dollars

scam guy

odisika3 odisika2





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    High School & Money Making Secrets Revealed. He now lives in Ijebu,
    Ogun State, Nigeria. Odi Dollar has been preaching the gospel of ‘get
    rich quick’ and flaunting different currencies stashed in fridge, micro
    wave, suitcase, etc including his juju on his facebook page. Here are some of the comments he posted on his facebook page:

    Never take council from the realm of poverty if you want to live in the
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