Woyome Says Mills Never Tried Stopping Gh¢51m Judgment Debt

Woyome Says Mills Never Tried Stopping Gh¢51m Judgment Debt

Alfred Woyome

Alfred Woyome

Business man Alfred Woyome, has described as “bogus lies and fabrications”, claims that late President John Mills tried on two occasions to stop the State from paying him Ghc51m as judgment debt.

A report, presented to the President by the Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO) in February 2012 said the money was paid to Mr. Woyome despite the President’s attempts to thwart the payment.

Mr. Woyome’s office, has, however, in a statement issued on Monday July 29, 2013 described as “lies and fabrications”, the claims made in the 2012 EOCO report.

The statement, signed by Mr. Woyome’s Spokesperson Seth Dogbey said the ‘Interim Report on Payment of Judgment Debts’ “issued by Mr. Mortey Akpadzi and his cohorts who wickedly and viciously ‘cooked’ the EOCO report and lied that the late President ordered payment to be stopped on two occasions” is a “bogus lie”.

“I am putting [it] on record that Mortey Akpadzi lied to Ghanaians when he said Prof. J. E. A. Mills tried to stop payment on two occasions but his officials went ahead to make payment”, Mr. Dogbey averred.

According to Mr. Dogbey, “it is rather unfortunate that some politicians and some so-called ‘senior’ journalists, who should know better, keep referring to the ‘cooked’ EOCO report just in an attempt to undermine the authority of the late President”.

He said: “I am challenging Apkadzi and his collaborates to come out and tell Ghanaians how and when the late President Prof. J. E. A. Mills tried to or stopped the court ordered judgment to Mr. Woyome. They should prove with documents to that effect”.

Mr Woyome’s office noted that: “Recent revelations coming out from the courts clearly exposed the wicked lies and manipulations of Mortey Akpadzi and his gang”.

Mr. Dogbey explained that: “The eighth prosecution witness from the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Mr. Suleiman Ahmed testifying in the criminal trial told the court in answer to a question posed to him by counsel for Mr. Woyome that NOBODY FROM THE PRESIDENCY AT THE TIME, NOT EVEN THE LATE PRESIDENT GAVE AN ORDER FOR THE PAYMENT TO BE STOPPED”.

“Certainly, there is no documentation to that effect”, he asserted, adding that: “I find it extremely difficult to understand how Mr. Akpadzi and his gang were able to, by their imagination, deliberately concoct such a story to feed Ghanaians through their ‘bogus’ Interim Report of 1st February, 2012 just to cause public disaffection towards the late President and to serve their evil motives”.


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