Fans Blast Yvonne Nelson On Instagram

Fans Blast Yvonne Nelson On Instagram.

yvonne nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has been slammed by her fans on Instagram over a message she posted. According them, the leggy actress is only trying to deceive the public since the post she shared seemed like a self composed message.

The post which looks like a message sent to her by an anonymous person is warning the actress to ‘watch and pray’ because someone in the industry wants her dead.

The message reads;

Yvonne, if you care to listen to this advice, someone in the industry wants you dead and whose name i’ll not mention. Be careful this is from someone who cares about you. Don’t sleep, watch and pray. The number that sent me…  

However, immediately after sharing the message, fans who believed the message was cooked up by Yvonne Nelson herself got angry and replied with rather harsh words. According to the iphone users among the angry commentators, they are very sure that Yvonne wrote the message herself since the message has green and black colours.

Note: On iphone, outgoing messages have green backgrounds and black font color.


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