Sarkodie’s Illuminati Video Cost 90,000 Dollars

Sarkodie’s Illuminati Video Cost 90,000 Dollars?

VIDEO- Sarkodie Illuminati

Sarkodie Illuminati

While the just released music video for Sarkodie’s Illuminati continues to enjoy massive hits on YouTube from all over the world, there have been some debates online as to whether the video could have been better than what came out.

As the debate goes on, Sammy Forson, Manager of Sarkodie has added some more highlight to conversation. In an interview, he said that it took two weeks to shoot the video and it is “the most expensive video we have shot so far.” He said the Illuminati video cost “about US$90,000.”

The Illuminati video was shot on location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Phamous Philms and directed by award winning Ghanaian director Gyo Gyimah.
Sammy Forson added that Illuminati is the first of two videos they shot in Dubai. The second, he said, will be released soon.



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