WAEC Releases 2013 WASSCE Results

WAEC: 2013 WASSCE Results Out

SHS students

The West African Examinations Council (WASSCE) has released provisional results of 391,420 out of the 409,759 candidates that wrote this year’s May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The results, it said, would be dispatched to schools in due course.

A statement signed by the Principal Public Affairs Officer of WAEC, Mrs Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, said the council had meanwhile hosted the results online and candidates who desired might access their results at the council’s website.

“However, following a request from the Ghana Education Service (GES), the results of candidates who have outstanding school fees to settle have been blocked at the council’s website. The affected candidates should contact their heads of schools for their results,” it said.

Withheld results

The statement said the entire results of all candidates presented by 77 schools have been withheld pending the conclusion of investigations into various examination malpractices.

In that same regard, it said, the entire results of 2,769 individual candidates from other schools were being withheld.

“The withheld results will be released as soon as the council concludes investigations into examination irregularities committed.

“Details on performance statistics and examination irregularities will be punished as soon as the outstanding results are finalised,” it said.

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WAEC Releases Withheld 2013 WASSCE Results


  1. I'm s.k lil maestro says:

    Please with all the due respect Waec should not mess up with us upon all our mining in school

  2. thats true ooohhh upon all our mining waec should not mess up at all.

  3. Enusah Ayiah says:

    oh God be our rdmer

  4. Godwin Deynu says:

    oh JESUS thank YOU very much for making me a success to another of my education oh! Forever fulfiling GOD be exalted AMEN

  5. Bomboli daniel says:

    God has seen us through again, may His name be honour for ever amen

  6. my results is pending i’m scared i don’t know whether to check today again pls help me out

  7. Tony A Adjei says:

    Glory be to the most high..
    I made it again..!!


  8. Matteson Quasie says:

    7A’s…Glory be to God

  9. Bomboli daniel says:

    I checked my results today but they said my result is not available, oo God mecy let it be available in Jesus name amen

  10. Samuel Yalley says:

    Prayer:As this result has come Lord, let everybody’s heart disire come to pass in Jesus name.Amen.


    oh god help us to pass dis exams

  12. Ya Allah interfare and let weac release our all pending result Amen

  13. Daniel Yeboah says:

    chalie,, my results are not withheld,, i dnt know whats wrong,, nut mine is pending,, what does it mean,, somebody please tell me

  14. may the good Lord Who passes all understanding pass us all with goo grades to enable us into universitie. AMEN .

  15. Anonymous says:

    please release our results, Mfantsiman girls we beg, we never cheated ,

  16. Anonymous says:

    God knows we never cheated , Mfantsiman girls, it all because of our head of academic , she always treat us like we are hr enemies , she took the v.art students’ papers because she was thinking when she went out of the hall , they were cheating, its not fair, waec should send people outside the school to look after candidates 2014 , Mfantsiman should have even been the first the school waec should have release our result, GOd is our witness

  17. Iddrisu alhassan says:

    Oh Allah intervane for a deprived school like hweidiem shs.please let not all our efforts be in vane

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wat waec board ar doing 2 nigera studnt is unfair. Y wil they nt release our result after al our sufrin. Pls almighty God help ur chldrn

  19. Nigeria lack education standard. Why wil waec nt release our result after our sufrins in sec skul nd in exam hall. God pls help us all

  20. re u sure u re a syte student says:

    i am a syterian but your english is so disappointing. what were you taught in school? please get a good grammar book and learn.

  21. Confidence k Baah says:

    It would be very stupid for waec to hold 77 schools’s results. I mean they should consider their Registration fee, some schools even paid 15million as R.f or else, they will die one after de other!!!

  22. What waec is doing is a total madness. People wanna see their results, and they must release it now!!!

  23. Maureen peter says:

    I jst pray God wil touch there hrts,my skul result is been held,bt nt after all my hard wrks,my suffering jst 2 mak a gud result above all this am beggin with d name of jesus.it’s unfair

  24. Bombastic says:

    Waec we dey beg release our results

  25. 0701101158 says:


  26. Waec we dey beg release our results.the people sitting in front ,behind nd at my sides hv their results out.wat of me.if u dnt want us to go to skul dis year then why agree four c batches to write.

  27. Richard Badu Kaatchire says:

    Oh waec, y ar u doin dis tu me? Kindli releaz mi result tu me, so dat if i hav passed. Then i can go n pay mi dept. I need mi result immediately.

  28. adebayo mary adenike says:

    to whom it may concern,i beg waec official to pls for almighty God sake that they should pls release all my result that are heldedt,and by doing so u will not labour in vain and u shall reap from the fruit of your labour,i mean this year 2013 result

  29. Oh why all this things

  30. Javen Nana Shango says:

    If them no go RELEASE ..make them TAKE aftal..WHAT NO HAPPEN BEFORE

  31. Anonymous says:

    it means u must wait for a while but dnt panic all is well

  32. Anonymous says:

    it means u must wait for a while but dnt panic all is well

  33. Nonsense,am doing 40 days fasting to set waec office ablaze..They think eating gary and minning in the midst of mosquitoes is easy..They better release it,and some of you people a just bragging here,7As and 8A’s,you think GOD will make u harvest what u did not plant?? find something better to say cos some schools use their grade buying to infect an innocent serious schools,search me on fb,john k kumi

  34. aristarcus says:

    pls dont make angry or else we are dead

  35. aristarcus says:

    oh waec pls release asabee

  36. anonymous says:

    i think dis waec pple re vry bias…if u pass wit distinction nd 4rm a low rankd shs den u copied hence ur result is withheld bt if u come 4rm a highly rankd shs den it was due 2 ur intelligence nd 4 dat ur result ll b releasd 2 u…nt fair at all.

  37. Anonymous says:

    i think dis waec pple re vry bias…if u pass wit distinction nd 4rm a low rankd shs den u copied hence ur result is withheld bt if u come 4rm a highly rankd shs den it was due 2 ur intelligence nd 4 dat ur result ll b releasd 2 u…nt fair at all.

  38. waec why this pumpum thing

  39. we beg waec wai

  40. even president cheat so why this complain when gh is corrupted country

  41. Kwaaku pee says:

    Waec all my friends and my room mates results have been released why only me,plis do you hate me? , is it bcoz of my name? , have i wronged you, plis i need my results and my index no. Is 0060201022. Plis what you are doing to me is not fair. God help me and change waec(s) cold heart .

  42. Anonymous says:

    no matter anything i knw my result will b release nd i knw 4 sure dat av pass waec will neva mess up wit my result bcos i knw de God am saving he has never fail me nd he will never fail.In jesus amen……….tnx u jesus bcos my result is release

  43. Agyayaw foster Edem says:

    i’ve check my result all i’ve seen is Result not available, 4 dis candidate in de specified year.. Pls wat’s going on.. Somebody help me, cos i can’t take it..

  44. ABENA KOSIA says:

    Oh God why are our results pending

  45. mickybless says:

    Wit GOD impossibilities turns to be possibilities.Baba GOd thank u.And don’t forget those whose papers are pending it can be Uuuu

  46. Alorwordor emmanuel says:

    Im checking my result today but is not coming

  47. Kofi Buah says:

    Hmm waec? Are you sure you mark the papers?

  48. Waec release our held result says:

    Boluwatife:pls waec official i beg u in d name of Almighty God release our waec result 2013.i believe dat my God will surely let dem release our result. In God i trust.

  49. Bombastic says:

    U want us to bribe you?den u cn go to hell waec

  50. Wassce,wen wil u realease withheld results

  51. BROTHER ABASS says:


    Please,please, please WAEC, some parents at home are facing problems with their children, why because, their 2013 results wassce results are not out – pending.

    SO, I AM ASKING until WHEN?????????????????


  52. Mantey Emmanuel says:

    Waec pls n pls again till when will u release our result. Remember de fees we paid n de time we hav wasted pls never let it be in vain. Our parent suffered alot 4 us to pass through so help us. Waec we are pleadin u with de name of God . Oh waec mmmmmmm


    with all due respect, waec please release our results to us, so we can go to school……………….we’re pleading.

  54. fuseini bashiru says:

    0010151104 well i know that allah can d this for me and you pls realse our results for us Ok someone wanted to kill him self becos is results was with held by waec pls when will u realse the results thinking about next week will do for us pray very much lovely people

  55. yaw kwame says:

    i heard that the withheld and pending results have been realsed check urs now thanks be to god

  56. all die be die says:

    You waec officer are not serious……how could you sell questions and say it dae leak…fire burn you all…no time for any impersonities…..damnnn

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  58. Abdallah aderayo misbahu says:

    Ya ALLAH i wil always tank u 4evry think u done in my life for giving me the knowledge, understanding and focus throught out my waec exams and i wil always thank…

  59. I am so happy now that i have my result completely,i never thought my aunty husband Adekunle mike could really help me after much thinking and loosing hope,i cried all day when my aunty decide to tell her husband about my situation because he work in the WAEC board,he talk to me and tell me all the detail he need which i just give it a try,after 2 days he called and told me to check out my result behold he did everything for me and i cannot imagine all my result are complete,I am so happy now that i have my result complete,i can now proceed to the nest level,if you are in the same situation immediately just call my aunty husband Adekunle mike 08116241279 he can help you and please keep it confidential,like he said,he did it secretly.

  60. God is our provider,I noe God Will see us through amenh

  61. Alade abiola says:

    Pls i beg u with the name of god.pls release our result

  62. odoi patrick says:

    00123307507 plz waec am owing n i lst ma parents in shs 2, i suffered before payin ma registration fess i’ve been cryin all ma lyf n am so da oldest plz cn some1 help me cos am ready to take ma lyf.i av nobody in dis world to take care of me i even starv before gettin food to eat.anybody willin to help me plz here is ma numba 0549965267 plz waec help me n pardon me cos am oravam

  63. All my Waec with held result was release this morning by Mr Julius i advice you call him because he is for real even it was my friend that told me how Mr Julius helped her to upgrade her mathematics yesterday God bless you Mr Julius for you kind work contact him for assistance now because you don’t have to wait for another year why Mr Julius is here quickly here is his number 08105715846

    Cynthia is my name

  64. Chinedu Joseph says:

    I only hope in God 4 my result,now my name is in esut list to study law,4 waec they doing their job.i cannot blame them they ‘re working on infomation given 2 them by the examiners i mean by the people who supervised the exams,waec do not hate anybod

  65. do you have any problem with your 2013/2014 waec result,do you want to upgrade your result if yes go to any of our office close to you ask of DORA ATAPE or call Mrs Stella +2348142730247 now before is too late to resolve,remember if the strike is call off result can not be resolve again

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  69. worbi tetteh frank says:

    as for waec i do not know the kind of teachers they gave our wassce papers to for marking. nothing is what we will tell them but we know God is hearing our cry for the injustice done us. so i suggest the 2013 wassce papers should be well reviewed.

  70. My name is John I want to thank Prof Ray for the good work he have done , Him was the one that help me and my younger sister to release our waec result that was with-held and upgrade all the subject here is Prof Ray phone number(+2348100973219) In case you need any assistance or helping hand you can call him

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  72. Anonymous says:

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  79. Aidoo prince

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  81. When is november/december results b release?

  82. pls help me out i dont know how 2 checj my result ooo!!! says:


  83. Is de 2013 nov/dec result on net?

  84. Francis okofu gyasi says:

    One of my friend stold doing the exam and now checking,there is password on it,how can it be removed?

  85. Confident says:

    If I check my 2013 nov/dec waec result it will said that result not available for this student in specific year

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  88. edwardacquah says:

    please when ever i want to check my result this is what i see”access violation,please i am not clear with it.

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  93. I went to my former school for my results and I was told it wasn’t ready in the school.So I want to ask the waec council, What is stopping them from giving out our results to us for the past one year?

  94. Allotey Godfred says:

    Who can help me.I passed but am helpless.Pls…..

  95. Allotey Godfred says:

    I need a job.Anyone who want to offer me a job can contact me on
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  96. nanaquame says:

    Thank d gud lord 4 lettn me true ma wassec………………………


    Many do say upgrading is a scam and there is no truth about it honestly they are 100% correct and also they are 100% wrong…WHY? When they are saying no result can be edited, check it well they are trying to say that THERE IS NO SOFTWARE YOU CAN USE, OR A WAY THROUGH WHICH YOU CAN HACK WAEC DATABASE TO CHANGE YOU RESULT AND THAT IS 100% CORRECT AND VERY TRUE When it comes to upgrading of result, I dont upgrade using any software,hacking or any magical mean because that is very very impossible!!!!! SO HOW DO I GET IT DONE?WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING IN NIGERIA AND YOU HAVE YOU CONNECTIONS AND YOUR STRONG LEG TO GET IT DONE, YOU WILL GET IT WITH EASE ASFAR AS YOU KNOW THE RIGHT CHANNELYour result can be upgraded at the computation stage {I mean after your result has been marked and it is been computed into the database} People that program your result to be available on the internet are people like us and not robot so imagine knowing one of them? even if you have F9, changing it to A1 wont be a problem and that is why you see some students that did well in their exams coming out with F9 OR D7 and you might be suprised that “I DID THIS EXAM WELL WHY DO I HAVE D7? A mistake might have been done by the person that program your result…..Marking of your result are also done by teachers like us and not robots, most of it are even marked by their children so all U need to achieve result upgrading is A VERY VERY STRONG CONNECTION OF WHICH IS NOT A PROBLEM HERE


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  98. Mrs Esther says:

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