Bundase Military Camp To Be Relocated

Bundase Military Camp To Be Relocated.

Ghana Military

Ghana Military

Citi News has gathered that government has started moves to relocate Ghana’s foremost Military Training Camp and Firing Range at Bundase to make way for the construction of a new airport.

The Bundase Camp which is located within the greater Accra Region on the main Accra Afloa Highway is a training camp for Ghana’s army for peace keeping operations as well as special operations courses.

In a letter cited by Citi News to commanders in Charge of the Bundase facility, the military is expected to find an appropriate location for the Military Training Camp and Firing Range.

It is however unclear the time limit set for the relocation. However, a directive has been given for the urgent formation of a task force to plan the relocation.

The task force according to the letter is expected to submit a report by the 27th of September 2013 on their findings.

The letter which was dispatched on the 18th September 2013 noted that the new international airport would require a land size of about sixty thousand acres.


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  1. Adiegah Felix I wan,t to join the arm force but I try for three time no respond please I wan,t to help my country. am a cadet instructor at Talents SHS,Little saints primary ,New Star SHS etc. my contact is 0266545405/0266545405 says:

    please Ghana arm force I know that you work with discipline and truth. but some soldier are not please when recruiting people please and please be vigilant you people are adding arm robbers thanks may God bless you for reading.

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