VIDEO: Prophet T.B. Joshua Delivers Jim Iyke

VIDEO: Prophet T.B. Joshua Delivers Jim Iyke.

T.B. Joshua Delivers Jim Iyke

On 29th September 2013, Nollywood actor ‘Bad Boy’  Jim Iyke received deliverance at Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

He was supposedly delivered from evil spirits that had been tormenting his life.

Though it’s still not clear why Jim Iyke took the bold decision to join the SCOAN congregation, sources have it that it was due to some evil spirits that had been tormenting the life of the actor. The reason why he could not settle down to marry.

After his salvation, the actor sent a series of tweets:

“When God wants you to move from a comfort zone and you drag your feet, he introduces discomfort to expedite the process. Trust and obey, a higher realm awaits.

“It’s beautiful, that’s the least I can say. Nothing else truly matters. Absolutely nothing! God liveth whether you’re a believer or not,” he tweeted.


  1. sophia gyamfi says:

    Jim u ar a nice man give your life to Christ l care.

  2. very nyc.we thk God

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank Godoooooooo

  4. Thank God says:

    Thank God

  5. Fidelia says:

    Thank God

  6. bright anyadi says:

    When will mahama attend to tb joshua for deliverance

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for touchin Jim Iyk’s heart

  8. Let us all pray for ghana things are very very had…..

  9. Donkor Herrodia says:

    Thank God

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