Cadman Mills: Prez Mills’s Death An Act Of God

Cadman Mills: Prez Mills’s Death An Act Of God

Dr Cadman Kojo Mills

Dr Cadman Kojo Mills, brother of late President John Atta Mills

A brother of the late President John Evans Atta Mills, Dr Cadman Mills, has said his brother died of a natural cause.

He said President Mills’ death was very sudden, very natural and an act of God.

He, however, fell short of disclosing the details in the autopsy report.

Speaking on Joy FM in Accra yesterday, Dr Mills said the President could have been saved if the process of saving him had started earlier than just the very day the incident happened.

“Could he have been saved?” he asked.

“Maybe. But I think that the process of saving him would have had to start much earlier than just the very day the incident happened,” he answered.

He also stated that even though his brother had received the best medical care, his death could have been prevented.

He said these on the sidelines of the launch of new postal stamps in honour of the late President.

President Mills died at the 37 Military Hospital on July 24, 2012.

“The family has been coping reasonably well, under the circumstances.  President Mills, as I have had the occasion to say, died a very sudden death which nobody could have anticipated, but we have institutions in this country which responded very rapidly,” Dr Mills said.

He bemoaned the current poor state of emergency services in the country, but reiterated that the inefficiencies in the emergency medical system in the country were not a factor that led to the death of his brother.

In response to the many speculations surrounding the death of the former President, Dr Mills stated that his brother’s death had been sudden.

On the speculations surrounding the autopsy report of his brother, Dr Mills revealed that he was present during the autopsy examination of President Mills’s body and further expressed the family’s satisfaction with the autopsy report.

He described the speculations surrounding the autopsy report as conspiracy theories.

Rather, Dr Mills described the President’s death as very natural and ‘an act of God’.

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