Increase In Utility Tariffs Will Ensure Stable Power Supply

Increase In Utility Tariffs Will Ensure Stable Power Supply.

Felix Kwakye Ofosu

Felix Kwakye Ofosu

A deputy Minister of Information, Felix Kwakye-Ofosu has defended the recent increase in utility tariffs stating that “it will safeguard the stable supply of electricity in the near future.”

“It is a much better step to take now so that we can safeguard the stable supply of electricity in the near future otherwise two, three, four years down the line, we will come back to the same excruciating energy crises that we have had over the period which will impact more negatively on various sections of society and will be detrimental to the development of the economy,” he added.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) announced new increments in electricity and water tariffs by 78.9 percent and 52 percent respectively.

This was effected on October 1, 2013.

The Minority members of Parliament, have criticized the increments saying it is “only the first part of a much larger intended increase”

According to the NPP members of Parliament, “the justification by government that the tariff increment was necessary to help build needed infrastructure of utility companies was too stale, too over flogged, and too ridiculous to be believed”

But speaking on Eye Witness News, Mr Ofosu Kwakye said the minority did not acquire full facts before making those statements.



“It appears that the minority did not apprise themselves of the full facts because if we could remember at the press conference where the PURC announced the tariff increment, representatives of both the Volta River Authority (VRA) and Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) disclosed that government had settled indebtedness to these institutions. It is therefore surprising that minority will cite a non- existent debt as basis or proof of mismanagement on the part of the NDC administration.”

He further stated that government was working around the clock to guarantee stable supply of electricity.

“Government is of the view that in the long run, owing to the investment that has been made in generation capacity we are going to arrive at the situation where we guarantee stable supply of electricity which will benefit the mechanic ,dressmaker, and other individuals who own business but who are reliant on stable electricity supply in order to get their business going.”

He called on the minority to support government in its quest to ensure reliable energy supply.

“It is imperative that minority support government in its effort to ensure reliable energy supply and refrain from engaging in political discussions which at the end of the day does not help address the issues confronting us as a nation.I acknowledge that indeed there will be some difficulties but if we don’t take measures now, the difficulties will be compounded in the near future.”

-Marian Efe Ansah/citifmonline


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