What Did Mills Die Of?

What Did Mills Die Of?

John Evans Atta Mills

John Evans Atta Mills

(1)”A child is born of two parents but he belongs to the whole community.” – A saying

(2)      “When beggars die, there are no comets seen:

 The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” – Calphurnia in Shakespeare’s play, JULIUS CEASAR

(3)“What a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive”

Just when some of us were getting used to the idea that we will never know what President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills died of, up comes his brother, Dr. Cadman Mills, with a new report.

Dear reader, you will recall that on Thursday, August 7, 2012, Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Proprietor and Managing Editor of THE INSIGHT newspaper, stated on PEACE FM’s Kokrokoo  programme that two days after the death of President Mills, a team of pathologists conducted a post-mortem examination to ascertain the cause of death.

At the burial of the President at the Asomdwee Park in Accra, the President’s brother, Dr. Cadman Mills, stated emphatically that the President suffered “a massive stroke”, and that moments before he died, he lifted up his hands and said, “Lord, I leave it all to you.”

Some doctors were of the opinion that anyone suffering a massive stroke could not have done what Dr. Cadman Mills attributed to the late President.

Was Dr. Cadman Mills quoting from the report of the post-mortem, which, according to Mr. Pratt, had been conducted by a team of pathologists two days after the death of the President?

You see, when individuals and organisations, well-meaning or otherwise, called for a post-mortem or an inquest (a coroner’s or a presidential one), government spokespersons and party people said that even though the man was the President of the nation, a post mortem was strictly a family matter, and that it was not part of tradition to make such report public.

Dr Cadman Kojo Mills

Dr Cadman Kojo Mills, brother of late President John Atta Mills

Good. So why should Dr. Cadman Mills bother to tell the whole world what killed the President? If he was not quoting from the post-mortem report, was what he said a figment of his fertile imagination?

Here was the dead President being sanctified, glorified and canonised by his brother. In fact, what Dr. Cadman Mills said chimed in with what President Mills is reported to have written about himself, and found after his death. Entitled EVERLASTING MESSAGE, it stated:

“I came to serve; I have finished my time here on earth and have moved to everlasting rest and celestial duties with my Heavenly Father.

“As you leaf through these pages of my life’s story, I pray to God it touches you in so many ways.

“Weep not, for I am not dead. I am alive and awake in the Lord. Ghana will not die; Ghana will live to declare the works of the Lord.

“As I rest in perfect peace in the celestial realms with my maker, I pledge to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana.

“Remember the Lord in all your ways, and He will protect you. Stay well my brother and sisters, for I will always be with you.”

This tribute, supposedly written and signed by President Mills, was nothing more than a crude, stupid, spurious, and impious forgery fraudulently foisted on those gullible enough to believe it. The humble Atta Mills had become a second Jesus Christ going to Heaven to prepare mansions for his followers. Did Dr. Cadman Mills have anything to do with the crude forgery?

After all, he told us, he had told us, had he not, that he had seen his brother suffer “a massive stroke”, and also heard him commending his soul to God. Or was he telling us what the pathologists told him?

In any case, more than one year after President Mills’ death, his brother, Dr. Cadman Mills, comes to tell us that, in fact, he was wrong in attributing the death of his brother to “a massive stroke”, and that the President probably died of a condition called aneurysm.

According to THE CONCISE OXFORD DICTIONARY, aneurysm is an “an excessive localised enlargement of an artery.” You heard him clearly if you listened to the 6:00 p.m. news on JOY FM on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

While Dr. Cadman Mills dismissed what he called “conspiracy theories” about death of his brother, he also said that though his brother received  the best  medical attention, he could probably had lived longer with better emergency treatment.

Dr. Cadman Mills admitted in the JOY FM news broadcast that he was not a medical doctor. So in what capacity was he saying that aneurysm must have caused the death of his brother?

Was he merely speculating? If so, on what basis? Or was he trying to tell us that he was told by the pathologists who reportedly conducted the post-mortem on the late president?

Yesterday, Dr. Cadman Mills, who is NOT a medical doctor, told us that his brother died of “a massive stroke” after having enough physical strength to lift up both the arms towards Heaven, and having enough lucidity of mind to say “Lord, I leave it all to you.”

Today, Dr. Cadman Mills tells us that his brother probably died of aneurysm, or an excessive enlargement of one of his arteries. What will Dr. Cadman Mills tell Ghanaians and the rest of the world tomorrow about what his brother died of?

If ever there was a post-mortem and a report issued, we have been told that the report is the exclusive property of the late President’s family. So why should Dr. Cadman Mills bother the rest of us? Atta Mills was born of two parents, a father and a mother. But he did not remain in the home of his parents. He eventually became an adult and made friends.

Even more important, he become the President of the Republic of Ghana, and thus, ceased to be the property of his parents and blood relations. He died serving his nation as President, and yet we are told that it is none of our business the circumstances leading to his death and what eventually caused his death.

If Dr. Cadman Mills thinks that his brother died a natural death, and the rest of us should not be concerned, fair enough. But he and his family should keep their mouths shut regarding the death of the President of Ghana.

We are told that the President was taken to hospital in the company of “a doctor and two paediatricians”. Do pediatricians (doctors who specialists in children disease) normally attend to 68-year-old adults like the late President?

It is not idle curiosity, mischief or partisan political motivation that impels some of us to be interested in the death of President Mills.

He was a “Prince”, not a “beggar”. Should we not be interested in knowing how he died?

By I. K. Gyasi

Credit- The Chronicle 

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