Minority Walks Out of Parliament over 2.5 % VAT Increment

Minority walks out of Parliament over 2.5 % VAT increment

minority-parliament-2.5 % VAT Increment

The Minority in Parliament has walked out of Parliament over a VAT amendment debate.

The caucus was furious over a 2.5 % increment in the Value Added Tax (VAT).

VAT is currently 12.5% with a national health insurance levy component of 2.5% summing up to 15%.

The 2.5 % increment being considered by parliament, on the VAT component, will therefore increase the total to 17.5%.

In Parliament Friday, the Minority accused the Majority of attempting to smuggle the 2.5 % increment into the statutes.

After and heated back-and-forth argument on the floor between the two sides, the Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu-led Minority decided to storm out of Parliament over the matter.

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