Shatta Wale- Sixth Letter to Samini Download MP3

Shatta Wale- Sixth Letter to Samini Download MP3

shatta wale

Shatta Wale

Download buttonTrack: Sixth Letter to Samini

Artiste: Shatta Wale (Bandana)

You’ve probably heard a lot of Shatta Wale tracks dissing Samini, but this one is pretty ‘bloody’. On this track, ‘6th Letter to Samini’, Shatta Wale throws raw and naked punchlines that may be disturbing to fans of both artistes.

Going forward, Shatta who has threatened to kill Samini’s fame (and name) described him as a fool, gyimi, aboa, before he finally advised him to ‘go suck his mother’. Not sure how Samini will handle this, but it’s likely he may not reply. What do you think about this track? Download it below.


  1. I’m a neutral fan contrary to both artists. I don’t expect experience personalities of this kind to engage in a battle of degrading the integrity of each other. This is so unfortunate. I expect them to handle their grievances in a very dignified and reputable gesture. Big ups to the two sophisticated entities.

  2. where from thiz confusion and division among these two people but samini should pave way for shatta wale because he is the dancehall king.

  3. aziz issaka says:

    Shatta wale is ma guy but he should respect himself a little and stop dis disgrace

  4. shata wale must karm down. g8 fan

  5. we all no de meaning of shata don’t do ur yaalo dat

  6. Anonymous says:

    samini is the best of all time, compare the two credentials

  7. Your Name says:

    Wat is bandana doing now, dat king SAMINI has not done b4. Bandana is no were near Samini intems of exposure, credibility,credential,achievements nd reputation. BaNDana is a wast of tym nd also a liability 2 Gh. music.Samini no SIZE.

  8. Your Name says:

    Shatta wale nd Sarkodie are Amateurs. These guys Shld learn haw 2 give respect 2 their snrs. I rmba in 2007 at Tema C.7 where Adom fm organizd a streetcarnival, Sarkodie was den a fan in de crowd watchn Samini performe at the highest level. Sarkodie Shld learn haw 2 respect

  9. moringa says:

    pls shtta wale recored a track with samini.pls we need peace

  10. Adams (dons) says:

    Shatta wale u be the best but we need peace in gh u have to record song with samini or by apology

  11. P**y madafuckas. Shatta make dancehall turn up inna ghana. Afrikan act of e yr 2014. Supa scary. Ony3aye s))). Suck ya mada. E guy a e god of dancehall. If u try viol8 shatta muvment,u tryina play with ya lyf. Spil ur blood lyk coconut water wen mi burst gunshot pon.

  12. Peace ooooe Our dancehall artists
    VGMA a rise
    Shanta pls karm downnn
    [email protected]

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