Nunoo-Mensah: Ghanaians Are Overly Talkative

Nunoo-Mensah: Ghanaians Are Overly Talkative

Joseph Nunoo Mensah

National Security Advisor Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo Mensah

The former National Security Adviser, Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah, says Ghanaians talk too much about things they are ignorant about.

His flak follows claims by critics that his new portfolio as Head of the Human Security Department of the National Security Council Secretariat is a demotion.

Rejecting the demotion tag, Nunoo-Mensah told XYZ News in an interview Monday that: “People are talking about what they don’t understand; what they don’t know; people don’t understand”.

“Ghanaians we like talking too much. You don’t understand and you are talking. Come and find out what exactly is happening rather than talking and talking; I haven’t got time for talking, I’ve got time for working”, the retired Soldier fumed.

According to him, “if you want to understand something you should go and find out. People can say whatever they want to say but it’s not a demotion. Whatever is in the press is not the truth…all that people are saying, they are not factual, they are not the truth”.

He said his new appointment is something he has always craved and “so it doesn’t come to me as a surprise at all”.

“…I’ve been doing this since I became Adviser to President Mills; I’ve been doing this kind of job for four years and over…I’ve got the appetite for that”.

Nunoo-Mensah came under intense public criticism a month ago after telling off labour unions to pack out of the country if they found the kitchen to be too hot for them.

His comment followed a series of strikes and threats of strike by some public sector workers.

He has been replaced by former Interior Minister W. K. Aboah, a retired Commissioner of Police, who once headed the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

He has also served as the Director General of the Ghana Immigration Service.

-xyz news

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