Pastor Ebenezer Adarkwah Claims Gays ‘Destroying Ghana’

Ebenezer Adarkwah: Gays ‘Destroying Ghana’

Ebenezer Adarkwa-Yiadom

Ebenezer Adarkwa-Yiadom

Popular Ghanaian Pastor, Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwah Yiadom of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre in Kumasi has expressed fear that Ghana would legalize homosexual relationships in the near future and therefore called on the Christian community to pray against it.

Opambour, also known as ‘Prophet-One’, raised the concern in a recent interview with NEWS-ONE during which he also spoke about his life, family, fashion, church, Islamic background and Ghana. We publish the second and final part of that interview.

Why do you fear Ghana would legalize homosexual activities?

Because as a country, we have closed one eye on homosexual relationships though gays and lesbians are all around us and not even hiding their sexual preference. We pretend it is not happening and when the evidence is put out, we say it is a private thing between adults who want to do their own thing. If it is bad, let us agree it is bad and fight it whether it is done in private or public.

Once you come out and confess you are a murderer or an abortionist, the laws of Ghana would deal with you whether you say it is done in private or in public. But when it comes to homosexuality, we say it is private.

We have Ministers of State who say they defend homosexual acts. Very soon, we may start having Ministers who would openly endorse the act itself, yet we pretend to be a Christian country, a religious nation when we know very well that Christianity, Islam and all other religions are against homosexuality.

But the Western countries are more developed though they have legitimized homosexuality.

The fingers are not equal and should not be made to do some things simply because they are all fingers. And it is not every leaf that is medicinal so the fact that a foreign country is okay with gays does not mean we should do same here. We should also talk about the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fire outbreaks, volcanoes and the bad things that happen in the Western countries and see if we are ready to have that here. Gays are destroying Ghana with their same sex activities because God hates it and God punishes people who love the things He hates. This is biblical and we need to pray Ghana does not fully legitimize homosexual activities.

You were formerly a Muslim.

I have a Muslim background because of my upbringing. I started struggling early in life because my mother died when I was 14. I had nowhere to sleep or what to eat so I had to leave home and stay with some Muslim friends who were Yorubas from Nigeria. We followed them to the mosque and did all what they did as Muslims.

There came the need for me to become a Moslem because I was staying with them but on the day of my initiation into Islam, the Imam in charge called me aside and told me that the Lord had called me to be a Christian pastor and that he had two months more to spend on this earth, and so after his death I should leave the house and follow my calling as a Christian pastor but not as a Muslim. I have since done the work of God for close to 30 years.

But you don’t appear that old

Well, as I said, what makes people age fast is sadness and evil thoughts. I am always happy and I don’t think evil. God looks at the heart and not the face. I have spent more time on earth than Jesus Himself spent on this earth so if Jesus was living on earth today, I would be older than Him. But I also fast and pray a lot. Fasting takes most of my time for several days so I don’t eat anyhow. By the time I fast and pray for my calling as a prophet, my church, the prayer requests before me, my country Ghana, our leaders, the Christian church and other matters, I would have fasted for a long time. It affects my looks.

By Halifax Ansah-Addo/Daily Guide

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