Tonga- Joey B ft Sarkodie Download MP3

Download Tonga- Joey B ft Sarkodie MP3

Tonga- Joey B ft Sarkodie

Joey B- tonga

Download buttonTrack: Tonga

Artiste: Joey B

Producer:  DJ Breezy

Hold it, there is a new term in town, “Tonga”. It’s gradually trending on twitter. Seems like everything is because of #tonga, others are even saying that ‘boys abr3 all because of tonga’. We are waiting for a new style of dance all because of tonga. The question is, what is the meaning of tonga?

Whatever it means, we leave it to your imagination. This is the latest track from Black Avenue Musik (BAM). Tonga by Joel B featuring Sarkodie, download it below.


tonga1 reggie rockstone-tonga

sulley tonga sakawa guy

reggie rockstone

Reggie Rockstone rocks tonga shirt


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  2. kofi konti says:

    what the hell does tonga mean

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  4. Tonga means “The Organ No Guy Avoids”

  5. Joey b y, jst tell de truth, the onli nyc gal around is jst too lame, aden u fii s3 y3 w) class one anaa

  6. the i the best

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! all because of TONGA

  8. Anonymous says:

    the organ no guy avoid

  9. mohammed marshwal says:

    tonga dey rhyme khona ampa.eiiiiii what ashock

  10. guy tonga de cause am

  11. everyone one has his or her own meaning ,tonga dey rhyme with khona will u come with me to my khona I wan give u hard drive format m3wo sene b3y3 5 on dat nice cheek mey3 akroma mebed**** nice cheek

  12. Tonga is a girl’s vigina

  13. Perry Tsus says:

    Tonga means, sexying a gal

  14. Means happiness

  15. t.o.n.g.a is a good song.

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  17. CHRISTABEL says:

    Eiii joey tell de truth wai na ebebua

  18. wendy teate says:

    tonga is a name of a country.some say vagina or penis.hahaha .tonga.all because of (TONGA)

  19. wendy teate says:

    tonga de rhm with khona will u follow me to ma khona.i should follow u to what khona.oh daaaaaaaaaa.

  20. funky. mi says:

    Tonga means wat????

  21. Joe Walker says:

    i like this song;abaaaaaaaaaa

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