What’s The Meaning of TONGA?

Joey B Explains the meaning of Tonga.

The meaning of TONGA: The slang, Tonga refers to the female organ.
Joey B’s explanation of Tonga: The Only Nice Girl Around

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Barely a week into the release of the instant hit song TONGA which features Sarkodie, Ghanaian artist signed to D Black’s Black Avenue Music, Joey B is undoubtedly enjoying the biggest rave any artist would love to enjoy as the song has already become a street anthem for the Christmas and festive season.

TONGA, a street word which was made popular by Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu in one of his usual comedy movies is used to refer to the female genital organ (vagina), however, Joey B just like any other musician has explained the word.

Speaking to Amanda Jissih on E-Talk on GhOne, Joey B in a crafty manner explained TONGA as just an abbreviation for “The Only Nice Girl Around” and not what many were thinking.
The question that remains is whether this explanation will somehow fit for the song as it virtually has no correlation with the content of the song.


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  1. opoku prince says:

    i dont think thus the meaning.
    he must say the truth

  2. Sarah nkrumah says:

    Pls stop lying to ghanaians becos even kid know wht Tonga means

  3. Vincent Kumah says:

    1.Tonga is a language of the tongan of south central africa . (zambia n rhodesia ) …. 2. The car with the 2 wheel being drown by a horse is also called tonga…. 3. But in Ghana we use the Tonga as a term for a female organ (Vagina)

  4. please stop lying to ghanians

  5. Hmmmm,evry1 tlks about Tonga!

  6. Nuruhayaat Rafiwu says:

    Hmmmm,evry1 tlks about Tonga!

  7. tonga is a country I say kwaku Manu says it is dede female organ allow Joeyb say his mind

  8. The T-O_N_G_A rather mean something else and not the meaning of a woman’s Va***a…. he should tell us the truth hidden from this

  9. J M Danquah says:

    this is not true

  10. boss chick mzbennie sweetcandelis says:

    the organ no guy avoids

  11. rachael gorni says:

    yeah or the only naughty girl around

  12. nana afya says:

    cam on joey b,jst say de truth. we dnt no de real meaning of tonga n wer it came frm but @ least we no dat in gh,it refers 2 de female organ(by kwaku manu). so pls b serious 2 ur funs

  13. raymond titrim says:

    tonga is country and aname of a person

  14. titrim raymond says:

    tonga is a female organ

  15. Really I never knew okay and i will not think of singing that song again. Can I say so TONGA

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dis tonga stuff came way bak 2011 ,now ebi news,joey bezzy do ur tin

  17. tonga means the female organ

  18. tonga is not any country name or a car

  19. Many Ghanian’s play Tonga for there girl’s i don’t understand…”

  20. Anonymous says:

    Eeei Ghanaians,,, one musician will just stand and say anything as song,, then we started jumping on it without really knowing what it means..

  21. Anonymous says:

    There’s no truth in this song

  22. Please,keep ur answers to urselves if u know since Joey b is not ready to desclose his oppinion about de almighty (tonga)to his funs.

  23. rueben skin says:


  24. rueben skin says:

    Please,keep ur answers to urselves if u know since Joey b is not ready to desclose his oppinion about de almighty (tonga)to his funs.the bit

  25. Anonymous says:

    When doing something,think twice.Mistakes are not dangerous but is their repetition that leads to destruction…..But for this i think is was advertently ……..

  26. QuophiQlement says:

    @ Okasha. Masa ebi country name juz admit u no knw

  27. Nartey Kingsley Numbers says:

    I love de word TONGA bcos my grl dey hav some

  28. RICHMOND says:


  29. Naa Okailey says:

    It good to no tonga is someone’s name aswell

  30. That is the meaing tonga true

  31. Get It Right... says:

    TONGA is a COUNTRY in the South Pacific.

  32. i dnt blive

  33. Can someone give me TONGA pls i need TONGO,my man do ur tin ok. T0nga

  34. Evely Hone College, Zambia. says:

    Tonga is a womans Virgina, Joey B is sick and stupid with his idiotic song.
    He lied saying Tonga is the “only girl around”.

  35. What i know is that tonga is a name says:

    What i know is that tonga is a name

  36. Joey B, r u afraid of wat u sing.Jx b honest

  37. douglas farai says:

    Dis guy must be serious. And dis tonga song is heating zambia like hell. Oh! My God

  38. douglas farai says:

    I will even delet it from my phone…

  39. You guys need to mind your own business, if you like the sing that’s good for you and if you don’t just don’t listen to it. Tonga means female organ, if you don’t understand then tell us what you think it is

  40. Sean&Kelley says:

    From reading everyone’s response, TONGA obviously takes on more than one meaning. It’s a country. It’s somebody’s name. And it’s the almighty vagina. So it depends on how it’s being used by the person who’s saying it. Before long, it will have another meaning. Welcome to the world of words with multiple meanings.

  41. Asian sandwe says:

    I am from kilimanjaro machame tanzania and tonga is a name given to a first girl born in that family

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