Actress Yvonne Nelson: People Should Leave My Skin Alone

Actress Yvonne Nelson: People Should Leave My Skin Alone

Actress Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has told NEWS-ONE that she cannot believe a section of Ghanaians have taken interest in a hoax that reported she and Apostle Kwadwo Safo were using Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter to change the colour of their skin.

“I am shocked people actually believe such a strange story about me. The writer quoted a press statement they claim I have issued to explain that I had a deal to become ‘Face of Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter’ and as part of the contract, I was given a lifetime supply of the body cream and that for three years I have used this Cocoa Butter to enhance my natural complexion rather than bleach it. This is not true. It is a lie. I have never issued such a statement and I don’t use Cocoa Butter. People should leave my skin alone,” Yvonne told NEWS-ONE.

Yvonne could, however, not tell NEWS-ONE why the media had been accusing her of bleaching her skin.

“I do not write the stories so I can’t answer for them. Maybe you should be asking the writers whether they have a report from a dermatologist that has diagnosed me of skin bleaching. They have made up their minds that I bleach and they are lost in that state of mental deception. Sometimes you feed your mind with an untruth and believe the untruth so much that you even start to think it is true,” Yvonne noted.

She continued: “I have always explained that as an actress I take different pictures under different shades of light and with different shades of makeup depending on what the picture would be used for. It is therefore not strange to find different pictures of me looking different. It does not mean I am bleaching and one does not need to be an industry player to know this.

“Even in movies, depending on who the director is, there are different lighting angles and brightness levels that can be used to make a character look different and this is no secret. Even a change of weather can have an effect on one’s skin… I fully understand the dangers of skin bleaching and would not engage in any such venture. I am a lady and I appreciate my God-given looks.”

-News One


  1. you were my mentor but now not anymore

  2. u are not fair please maintain your color .

  3. i do not like your films

  4. As for me am proud to be dark,i wont bleach

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Yvonne is not a small girl and am sure she is fully aware of the dangers of bleaching and has seen the fate of Michael Jackson. Please let her be. Afterall, she says she is not bleaching….

  7. Anonymous says:

    You people should leave her, let her be.

  8. Nii Lante says:

    Yvonne am so much praud of u, u dnt mine them let them continue 2 gossip abt u n even though they wish u be one of their family members. u jxt allow them 2 say wt eva they hv 2 say ok… bt i riili nid u’r help oo…so dis ma namba pls call me o;0572919119/0542231919

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