BBC to Establish a Foundation in Memory of Komla Dumor

BBC to Establish a Foundation in Memory of Komla Dumor

Memory of Komla Dumor

Komla Dumor

Director of global news at the BBC, Peter Horrocks has announced plans to establish a foundation in Dumor’s memory for aspiring African journalists.

Mr. Harrocks made this known at a gathering of BBC staff to remember Dumor on Monday.

Speaking at the service held at the All Souls Church, Mr. Horrocks, warmly recalled how Dumor would always call him ‘boss’ despite his protestations to the contrary.

‘He blazed a path for so many others,’ said Horrocks.

A series of moving tributes were also given by Dumor’s closest friends and colleagues.
“He called me ‘chief’’’ said head of the African Service, Solomon Mugera.

Several speakers recalled that they had been told to ‘look after’ him when he first arrived in the UK but that he soon became more like a ‘big brother’, looking out for them instead.

Liliane Landor, controller of languages at global news, described him as a man ‘big in stature, intellect and heart’.

Komla Dumor died at his London home on Saturday after a suspected heart attack.
Meanwhile in Ghana, the Ghana Journalists have asked for a state burial to honor Mr. Dumor as well as a fund established to cater for his children to encourage other journalists.


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