Manya Krobo: Patients at Atua Hospital Buy Sachet Water For Surgery

Patients at Atua Hospital Buy Sachet Water For Surgery

sachet water

Doctors and patients at the Atua Hospital in the Lower Manya Krobo area are relying on sachet water to do surgical operations.

Patients scheduled for surgery are also forced to bring along their own bags of sachet water for their operations.

The Hospital has been hit by acute water shortage for over a month.

Some surgeries get delayed or postponed due to lack of water.

A nurse at the Hospital, Mary Gbadasu Albright told XYZ News the situation is extremely severe.

“…For now [there’s] no water at the hospital. We don’t even have water to do anything at the hospital. Even [for] operations [there’s] no water; when you go to the maternity wards, we don’t have any water”, she bewailed.

According to her, “yesterday I heard a Doctor tell a client that they can’t do something because there’s no water so they rescheduled the client to next week to come for such an operation…and the clients must look for water themselves because we don’t have water”.

The Krobo enclave is host to the Kpong Dam but the area gets hit by acute water shortage every now and then. The Atua Hospital was hit by a similar water crisis almost two years ago.

Meanwhile officials at the hospital have told XYZ News that they are making frantic efforts to restore supply.


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