R2Bees- My Song (Download Mp3)

Download R2Bees- My Song Mp3

R2Bees- My Song


Track: My Song

Artiste: R2Bees

Producer: Killmatic

A new song for the valentine, from the group R2Bees. Listen and download this romantic joint.

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  1. I like de fact that paeday’s rap is unique..he doesn’t need to do wat everyone rapper does….For mugees raaaaaaaa

  2. Xupp muggis chaaly u b ma men says:

    U can pay for love but u can buy trust peadee

  3. stunnamubarik says:

    mad tune !!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mugeez…i like ya style

  5. Nana Brynq says:

    your will forever rule till death of it… eeeiiihhh Pae, care free over curfew paaaa. sick punched line bigups. bryn tpoly..

  6. SLYY DRIPZ says:


  7. mugees is rtwobees

  8. I refuse to be broke like r2bees

  9. R2bees

  10. Alonso says:

    mad tune
    I can’t stop playing it…
    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to the world wide

  11. Ev Planet says:

    High is for the low. Big up ? Omar steling

  12. R2bees are the best so far especially peadea he is something different and he raps better than the rest of the artist if u carefully listen to his rhymes and style of rap I bet you,you never listen to any other artist again. Ratatatatatata. Mugeez is also special because that guy I wonder where he get that his voice and rhymes from. When u listen to his verses in life(walaahi) I think he must be given award every year and be called the brain master because he sung about real life eg. The who u for listen to be Baba God eei. Mankind go give u story but the end they will leave u lonely so make ur own the story eei. This is real life story. Keep it up Mugeez of rtwobees all fame.

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