Actor Joe Shortingo: My Small Size Dey Bee Kεkε

Actor Joe Shortingo: My Small Size dey bee kεkε

Actor Joe Shortingo (Joseph Pamfo)

Actor Joe Shortingo (Joseph Pamfo)

Actor Joe Shortingo, born Joseph Pamfo, is one of Ghana’s celebrated actors excelling in the local Twi movie industry. Sometimes he is also featured in English movies and TV series.

In this interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, Joe says he does not regret his diminutive nature but rather finds it unique.

He also says he is not prepared for marriage now and does not have a lover.

What is happening to Joe?

I am good and still on a TV series called ‘Check Yourself’ on Viasat1.

I thought you were getting ready for your big marriage.

No, I’m not prepared.

Your friends Aki and Pawpaw are settling down; what are you waiting for?

Osita has not, he is still searching. I think when Osy is done, I will prepare towards mine.

Do you have somebody in your life?

Hmmmm…Still searching.

What’s your kind of lady?

Hmmmm. I’m not certain. But when its time and I see the right person it will strike me.

What’s your new series about?

It’s about a brilliant boy who completed senior high school but because his father is womanizing, he could not let the boy further his education to the university. He sent the boy to his fitting shop to assist him. Now, the boy is also womanizing and is also good in fitting.

Who is the boy?

It’s me.

What do you find unique about this role?

Apart from going after ladies as usual, this small boy always instils some sense into his friends, girlfriends, and elders in communities by educating them on sanitation, principles of life and above all, he inspires kids and young guys to learn and flow. Some parents sometimes invite me to their houses just to interact with their wards. I think they think I inspire kids to learn.

Remind us of how you started movie career?

First of all, I thank God for making me realize one of the talents he gave me and for bringing me this far. Also, I thank movie producers in Ghana for bringing me this far.

Osita and Chinedu inspired me since 2002. I was a little bit jovial and good at teasing when I was a kid. So after Junior High School, I went to Accra Arts Centre and joined a drama group called Bomkasa Drama Group since 2004. A friend and I went to Opera Square and Miracle Films discovered me in 2005. In 2006, I completed Senior High School and I wrote a letter to quit my drama group because I will be away from them for a long time.

Miracle Films gave me script while I was in school. Miracle Films editor Naa Borkai Addy taught me some technical aspects of acting whenever I closed from school (SHS) and passed through to visit her at her studio for some hours. Samuel Akwesi Nyamekye took me to Kumasi to shoot the script he gave me in October 2006.

After that I started shooting a series called ‘Broadway’ from Point Blank Media Concept while reading a short diploma course, Computer Software Application sponsored by Mr Addo, proprietor of Vision One Media Concept.

Why acting? Do you have other dreams apart from acting?

I had in mind Computer Science and Presenting.

What’s the most interesting shoot you’ve had so far?

‘Boys Abr3.’

What is interesting about it?

Because it had been one of my dreams to act with Osita or Chinedu—those who inspired me.

How was it like working with Osita?

I was excited to act with Osy and I found every scene we did interesting. He was co-operative.

How would you define success from acting point of view and do you think you have it?

On course.

Tell me About Joe. What’s his real name? Where do you come from?

Joseph Pamfo, born and brought up in Accra. I come from Apam and the last born of my parents.

How old are you?

27 years, I will be 28 years this year.

Your age does not reckon your height and looks. Any idea why?

Mr. Kwame Djokoto’s (Edziban fame) son looked at me and told me that I’m seven years old, just because I play with them as their co-equal.

Did you inherit your size from your family?

No, I am just unique.

Do you regret your size?

No, I don’t regret at all. Edey bee k3k3.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your time too.

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