Actor Nkansah Lil Wayne knocks down 10 year old boy with his car

Actor Nkansah Lil Wayne knocks down 10 year old boy with his car.

Nkansah Lil Wayne

Nkansah Lil Wayne

The most sought after actor, Kojo Nkansah aka Lil’Wyn did not only bring excitement to the many patrons who thronged the Kumasi stadium to watch the football match between Ghanaian and Nigerian actors, he also brought some misery.

The Kumawood actor is reported to have knocked down a 10 year old boy with his Toyota car with registration number GT-8224-12, after the match. Instead of getting out of his car to help the victim, Lil’Wyn sat in his car unconcerned till officials from the Red Cross Society attended to the boy.

As the atmosphere got tensed, Lil’Wyn still refused to follow up to where the boy was being taken to. When he was alerted of his actions, he was so angry and started alleging that the whole situation was deliberately orchestrated to make him look bad.

He yelled in fury, “I am not the one who knocked the boy down with my car! I see the whole thing to be a planned because I don’t know where the boy came from! By the time I realized, he was under my car.”

After some minutes, people around entreated him to stop arguing and see to the welfare of the boy. He then gave money to the Red Cross officials and they took the boy to the hospital. When he was questioned on why he’s not assisting the young boy to the hospital, he said that he doesn’t have much time on his side; and that he was going on set to shoot a movie.

When Razz newspaper followed up on the issue, we gathered the actor had not visited the boy at the hospital and the family of the kid was livid.

In a separate chat with Lil’Wyn on phone, he insisted that he did not hit the kid with any car and that he was not ready to discuss the issue.



  1. nety boy says:

    li Wayne fool papa

  2. Boss Man. says:

    lil wayne don’t do that again b/c i like you alot but maybe it can be a plan.

  3. Anonymous says:

    lil wayne x claming he didnt hit the child wid his car but the question is, was he injured?

  4. Anonymous says:

    de fact dat they are accusing u, u must do somethng to make people think dat Yes s nt u, bt u are doing somethng to show somethng.come 2 thing of it if u said u didn’t hit him how did he get under your car as long as he is under ur car even if is nt u do as if is u lucky enough he didn’t die say sorry and dat s all visit de der by de hospital pay everything to avoid bad statement against u.U thing dat s all fool learn to think do u no wat it take 2 be famous monkey

  5. 0248003762 says:

    please lil win i want to b sn actor like has always bern my dreams from childhood so please help me as u were helped. my contact is 0248003762

  6. This is not a news

  7. SCOFIELD says:

    Hay lil wayne weda planned or nt planned buh u shuld av show som concern plz. buh u ar stil my bst frm e local muvi industry

  8. Rydlx Bench says:

    Asem oO, lilwin paaa?? dis one di3 u shud av confronted de kid…gidaad!!!

  9. hay lil wayne can you meet me at zanesville at burger king. i love your songs tapout

  10. micheal says:

    please please 0543199825 please cal iwant to be like you

  11. sly seidu stephen says:

    Lil my bro from another mother.becareful cos not all people will like u.pray nothing bad happen to spoil ur name u took years to create.u can call me for more encuragement.0540900763

  12. Please lil win 0546674497 you are a great guy and i love wat
    You are
    Doing people of dis days are witches so dont pay for a crime you have not commited call me i have a bad dream about you beware of people around you you can call for your own good i will experting your call for. I dont want to mention names i am forget it

  13. Last time i saw you i was pushed by some thing to tell you wat i have been seeing about you bt your bodyguards pushed me away so if you get dis comments you can call me

  14. Asiamah K3waku says:

    I supposed that lil wayne should at least,visit the boy n see how he is doing.Because,the boy is a human but not an animal.

  15. taketime lil win. its ur time now.

  16. oh lil wyn

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